Thursday, 9 June 2011

Fangirl for the day

Hi everyone!

Ok. Before I continue on this post actual, here's a little thing I wanna share with people who LOVES WC like me!

WC Mookbook 2 was out like 2 weeks ago in Singapore and you can get it from Orchard Kinokuniya. The last time I went last week, there was still quite a lot of stock. The limited tote that came with the mookbook this time is bigger than the previous one! Yeah yeah yeah!

Oki! That's all.
Now to my actual post.

The previous Sunday, I went down to Takashimaya after my morning movie, Pirates in IMAX 3D. Freaking cool but as I was tooooo tired, I slept through half the movie. Sianz~
Spent money to sleep. -_-'"

So I was at Takashimaya ever since like 5pm. Found a nice spot to sit and sat there watching aunties and uncles dancing Line Dance.

I was waiting for the performance by the CJ Crew in the evening.
Every time I wanted to go down to support Jiaqi, Jiayi and Alton for their performance, something just have to pop up and clashes with my schedule.

So finally I was free that day, I decided to stay in town to support them!

Spotted this really cute uncle in the crowd. Know who am I referring to?

Yeah! This uncle!

When I get old I wanna be just like him, living my life fun still!
My heart will never grow old, NEVERRRRR!!!!

Just look at all the aunties uncles!

They all so enjoy!

Maybe when I'm old and no longer able to dance Hip Hop, I'll consider taking up Line Dance! Lol~

Wendy, Lue and Lue's friend joined me.

Yes~ That's Lue in the photo above.
That is HIS iPhone!!!
Muahaha~ Sorry for ruining your image online.
But it's okay ba~ He doesn't have much of an image on my blog to begin with.

But I very nice already okay~ I photoshopped your photo!
Normally I don't! Heehee~

Sorry everyone if the way I treat my 小弟(younger brother) like that so publicly. Please forgive me~

So the highlight for the evening was the Line Dance Fiesta!

Wendy and I spotted this ah Boy that caught our attention at second we saw him dance!

The ah Boy in White!
He's freaking good lah! OMG!!!
His turns! OMG!!!

And ah Boy and his team was the 1st to go!

I did video down their performance. I may upload another time.
Do subscribe to my YouTube channel! ok?

Super high aunties cheering for their friends on stage!

And finally after hours of waiting, the Line Dance competition was over and it was time for the special performance by Celine Jessandra's Crew!

*claps claps!!!!*

With Alton, Jiaqi and Jiayi!

Oh boy~ it's like freaking difficult to find time to catch up with Jiaqi and Jiayi nowadays. I miss them so so much!!!!

After that, Wendy and I headed to Ion for Yakisoba for dinner!

My Matcha float and Wendy's Sprite

We bought Takoyaki to share, too!

Wendy's Seafood Yakisoba

My Tamago Yakisoba

Yum Yum~

Lue and his friend joined us soon, too!

Chocolates that Wendy made during her chocolate lesson that day!

Thank you Wendy!!!

Lue camwhoring on my camera as usual.

I'm nice enough to blog only ONE photo. If not I think some of you may think that you're reading his blog and not mine anymore. ='(

I chose the colourful one!!!


Oki! That's all for this post!
Will be back, soon!

XOXO Tsuriki


  1. That takoyaki looks so cute *__* And that's such a cute idea ahaha everyone dancing together!



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