Tuesday, 14 June 2011

May'n Asia Tour in Singapore


Yeah! This post is on May'n Concert in Singapore 2 weeks back!
I'll blog about the Sunsilk event that morning in another post.

So finally! Mayn's last stop is in Singapore!!! Wootz!!!

Outside *Scape warehouse

Ok~ I didn't take a photo of the outside cos Michiyo and I were busy doing some stuff. That's why I had to grab Himeko's photo. =P

I was like super tempted to get the May'n towel lah! But neh~ In the end I didn't buy.

The stage

Ok. Michiyo and I were sitted at the normal sitting area first where awhile later Shawn came and told us that we were in the wrong seats.
We then shifted to the VIP area! Lalalala~

And yea! The special opening by Singapore's very own Sea*A!
I'm sure many people are very familar with them already, right?

On every seat, there are 4 cards of Sea*A for everyone!

Pretty pretty, かわいい~~~!

Fangirl mode

And yea! Jim gave us lightsticks! Wahahahaha~

See! Michiyo all ready with her lightsticks prepared to be broken the second the emcee was gonna introduce Sea*A!

As photography is not allowed during the concert, I was not able to snap any photos of Sea*A nor May'n to share with everyone.

But it's ok! Here are some photos I managed to find online!

Photo Credits to http://www.popcultureonline.net/

After the concert, Michiyo, Himeko and I headed to Heeren to grab dinner!


We settled for Pasta de Waraku cos Michiyo and I had Waraku the other time already. We shall see what are we all gonna have the next time we go to the Heeren's. Lol~ Soon!!!

Himeko and I both got a pathetic cup of coke that came along with our pasta set.

Seriously, the serving at the Square2 outlet is better lor~
I just had dinner with my cousin there like last month (I think)

Michiyo's Calpis float.

Himeko and I were both super tempted to get one, too, but thinking of the 3 scoops of Ben and Jerry's we each had in the morning, we just stuck to that pathetic cup of coke.

Cutie Michiyo with her Sinful Calpis Float

Those 2 evil girls banged up and bully we throughout dinner for me love of W♥C! *sobz* They're eeeeevilllll~

To think that it's their first time meeting each other. Wth~
I expected them to get along well but not to THAT extend!!!

And food is served!

Creamy Corn Soup! Me loves corn!!!

Himeko's Gratin

My Doria (I think it's spelt like that, I think)

Lol~ She kept thinking why her gratin don't have scallop whereas mine have.
But the thing is, I wasn't even having Gratin in the first place. Lol~

Michiyo's Cream Bacon of sort pasta without the Egg.

Himeko's Potato Pasta.

My Pork Cutlet Pasta


After dinner activity...


Himeko & I: "Michiyo, come join the blondes.. Come..."


Oki! That's all for this post!
Have a great week ahead eveyrone!

XOXO Tsuriki


  1. wow the concert looks great! and it's so nice of the prod team to give out such lovely cards, Beryl looks soo pretty! and you ladies are lookin super cute <3



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