Tuesday, 28 June 2011

♥ 父の日 ♥

Hello everyone!

Ok~ I have so so so much to blog on but I've decided to blog about Father's day celebration this year first!

My sister and raymond were like super secretive that day when we asked them where were they bring us to for lunch.

After a long long drive, we ended up at Poison Ivy which is far away at Choa Chu Kang area.

TADA! Finally here!!!

A really nice place to have lunch just beside the farm with all the green around us!

A photo my dad took while waiting for our food to be served!

I waited quite a long time to be able to snap this photo okay~ The bird just refused to stand in this position!

Map of Kranji Countryside

Iced Fig Tea

Interesting taste

I still like fig in my honey ice cream better! lol

Papaya salad

Mangolia Tempura
(Hope I didn't spell the plant's name wrongly)

Fried Sweet Potato Leaves

Curry Chicken

I forgot the exact name for the curry chicken but oh well, it taste good!

Redang Chicken

Yes I know it doesn't LOOK like redang chicken and neither does it taste like it. But still, yummy!

White rice

Was not able to snap a photo of the brown rice as it's all gone before I knew it!

Overall photo!

Oh ya! All food served at Poison Ivy are organic!
Cool huh?

Mango pudding with aloe vera

Fresh and hot tapioca cakes

They also have pots of herbs for sale!

I forgot which pot is which plant already.
If you wanna know, go check it out! It really is a nice experience having lunch there!


Daddy driving with my stepmom in the front.
Raymond's at the back seat with my sis and I, directing my dad to our next location!

Where oh where were we heading to?

As usual, camwhore!

And yeah! We've reached our next destination, Qian Hu Fish Farm!

TADA! We're going for fish spa!

Don't know why is that sign there but oh well, it's interesting so I snapped a photo of it!

Kept our shoes at the storage area and changed to the slippers provided

Let's go!

Wahahah~ It's my dad's very first time going for fish spa!!!

Ok. You may think it's not much of a big deal but my dad is one person that has done lots and lots of things and like fish spa is soooo common but yet he has not done it before, it's super rare!!!

Washy our feets before 'feeding the fishes'

I saw these signs and I first thought like "how big can it get sia~?"


Everyone's laughing at me for screaming away!
So evvvvvill~

Controlling my scream

I seriously wonder why they got no much expression one?
You can really literally FEEL EVERY SINGLE BITE the fish take of YOUR VERY OWN FEET!!!

My stepmom and daddy

Yeah! Another photo of my dad smilng normally to the collection!

My stepmom


Me controling myself not to scream or make any noise

Just SEE for yourself how big the fish is!!!
*Photo taken by my sis, so ya, that's her feet. A size US5.5?*

Now here's my feet.
I'm a size 4! 22.5cm!

Hmm... what's everyone staring at?

The gasping for air fish

Headed over to the normal sized fish area.
*phew~ felt super relieved*

Finally can take proper camwhore shots

And my sister!

Headed back to the BIG fish area.
SEE!!! The fish freaking scary lah!


By the way, both photos are photos of my sister's legs.

Not as scared anymore?

Daddy with his weird weird expression for photo again

Still, again, OMG!!!

Smooth feet after fish spa!

Yeah! I survived!!!

If you wanna try fish spa with BIG fish (or small fish also can), there's actually free shuttle services available from Choa Chu Kang Interchange daily!

The fish spa there is really cheap! Only $10 for 30 mins!

*Blank faces*

Photo with my sister to end of this post!

Have a great week ahead everyone!


  1. what an experience! the place looks so relaxing, I'm glad you had fun celebrating with your family <3

  2. ahh haha I've never tried that before! But I wanna try it once in my life hehe, that looks like so much fun

  3. Wow I heard of thoese fishes but I didn't think it was real! You seem to have lots of fun ^ ^



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