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Many people have been asking me all this while where do I get my contact lenses and if I have any blogshops/web store to recommend for colour contact lenses.

Now here's a post that will finally answer all these questions!

Candy, the owner of approached me last month and asked if I would like to do a review for their lenses as many people should know that thee are many fake lenses being sold around on the internet and there are quite a number of people who have been conned before, like me *sobz*.

But instead of just reviewing their lenses, I thought that it would be great if I were to review on their whole ordering process, too!

Tada! Here's the page that will welcome you when you visit their online store at

Not only do they have the usual GEO & EOS lenses, they have many other brands' lenses and cosmetics sold on their online store, too!

So I started shopping! Lalalala~

GEO lenses!

And of course! They have the hottest Bambi series aka GEO Princess Mimi series!

As many people should have known that it is really difficult to find the Green Apple with degree as many many blogshops etc only have it in 0 degree.
Freaking sad for people like me who are almost half blinded without our specs.

But guess what?!

They have it in a wide range of degree!!!
Hurray!!! Let's celebrate!!!

So yes! Without any consideration, Add to Cart!!!

Next was this pair of 3-tone lenses that I have been aiming for a very very long time but couldn't bear to buy it as many other blogshops are selling at like around $50 per pair?! Or even higher?! Wtf!

So yes! Added to cart, too! (笑)

So after you've done with your shopping, simply click on Proceed to Checkout at your cart!

Fill in your details

I filled in XXX just for screenshot.
I edited my order to my actual details after taking the screenshot. =)

At the 4th step, you can choose the shipping method.

I chose Registered Air Mail which I think most people will wanna get that, too, as it cheaper than Fedex.

Final check before checking out!

So it clearly states that the total amount is $87.44 after shipping included.
Not to worry everyone, the prices stated are in SGD, not USD.

*Be sure to check the footer/right sidebar of the page when you're shopping to double check the currency prices are stated in*

And lastly, payment!

You can choose to pay either via Credit Card or via PayPal!
So convenient!!!

After you're done with payment, it's the time to play the waiting game!

Remember I chose Registered Air Mail that was stated to take 7 working days to reach me?

I checked out my lenses on a Thursday and I actually received my lenses the following Friday!
That's like 6 working days only! Wootz!!!

To think that they are actually an online store based in Malaysia, the lenses were able to reach me in such a short time, how cool can that get?!

OMG like so fast lah!!!

And here's what's in the package!

With all GEO lenses, you should be given this piece of people on how to take care of your GEO lenses.
Ok~ Practically any coloured lenses lah~

And Candy is so nice!
She gave me this cute little thank you card!
Super nice webstore owner!!!

Complimentary cutie animal contact lens's casing

Oink oink! Rerrbi rerrbi!

Will you marry me?

Hahaha... Just kidding!

The lenses were being packaged in the boxes! How cute is that?!


And also, that way the case bottles wouldn't break that easily, too!

First up! My long wanted 3-tone lenses!!!

So pretty just looking at it!!!

I really look that it gave a super mysterious kind of look

And of course, next!

Princess Mimi Apple Green with degree!!!

Drooling at the sight of the lenses!! =P


See! Even if you do not have perfect eyesight, you should not be forgotten and left out to not be able to get a pair of Princess Mimi Apply Green lenses! Not anymore!!!

So! Now everyone should be thinking if the lenses are comfortable and stuff like that.

I wore each pair of lenses for about a week and my answer is YES!!!
They are really comfortable! Not discomfort at all!

Ok~ Maybe only for the Princess Mimi series that is a slight discomfort it's not due to the lens' quality but it's because of me not used to wearing 15mm lenses.

But not to worry! I just had to drop eye drops every 4 hours and my eyes will feel great again! *Blink blink*

So yes! I would definitely be going back to to get more カラーコン!

Wanna know more and get more reviews, check out
or even their Facebook Page @

I wanna say this to Candy ,ありがとう!
Thank you for the great lenses!!!


  1. the princess mimi apple green looks great on you! mine arrived a while ago and i'm waiting for my current ones to expire before opening new ones. can't wait can't wait!!!

  2. Great review, thanks for sharing it here !

    i like the way you present your blog post.

    I will visit your blog more often

    Just for your info. you can also check out for more exciting brand colored circle lenses.

    Enjoy and stay pretty : )




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