Monday, 6 June 2011

Yukata Spree Now Open @ ポップストア!

Hi everyone!

Sorry for opening the very first yukata spree of the year late this time as I was pretty busy with work and also various events which I will blog up soon!

So now who's ready to prepare for this year's Natsu Matsuri?!

ポップストア Popu-Store is now open for orders for Yukata of which many designs are from various Japanese magazines like PopTeen, PopSister, Jelly, ViVi, SCawaii and more!

I personally have this exact design and wore it to last year's Natsu Matsuri!

All these yukatas, I be getting from the supplier where my previous blogshop got from last year and they are of really good quality!

All Yukatas under the Japanese Magazine Designs section are exactly the ones the Gyaru models are wearing in the photo!

But of course! There's new released designs under the Hime Series section!

SCawaii Magazine Design which is also very similar to a Yukata that Kanno Yui wore before!

Design from PopTeen magazine!

There's more!
Check out the spree page now!

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