Thursday, 23 June 2011

My Simple Blinged Nails

Hi everyone!

I'm currently editing the photos for last week's Ginvera blogger event while uploading my new makeup tutorial video.
I seriously hope that I am able to upload it by tonight if YouTube allows me to upload it successfully.

So for now, here's a photo of my previous nails I did last week.
No extensions, just my very own nails.

Base Colour - Sally Hansen's Diamond Strength 25 Princess Pink
Pink Glittery Tip - Body Shop 11 Pink Tinsel
Sliver Glitter Overlay - Ettusais SV3
Top Coat - Sakurina's Brand Gel Topcoat

And if you're wonder what was I holding in my hand, it is the Gel Top Coat that Ageha model Sakurina is the face of! Okay~ I have no idea what's the brand is exactly and the only place you could get it from is Japan.

I don't know where can you get it online as mine was a gift last year from a Japanese friend of mine.

If you're wondering if it's good or not, I would say not bad and I really love the rose scent of it unlike any other nail polish that smells like all typical nail polish.

Oki! That's all for now!
Will be back soon!


  1. Cute nails!! I love your blog -- you're so pretty :D. How long would those nails last without any touch-ups?

    P.S. Check out my blog when you get a chance :)



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