Tuesday, 23 November 2010

N.E.mation 5!

Hello! Ok. This post is like soo delayed man~

On the 12th this month, I went to Nanyang Polytechnic for the N.E.Mation Blogger Event!
Haha.. It's kinda weird to a certain extend that I was actually going back to NYP for event!
Felt as if I'm going back for dance/CAF practices and rehearsal.

Ok. I was late as my dear office is like so freaking far away, so I didn't join everyone for dinner.

So! I'm sure many have heard of N.E.mation before right? Campaigns on public transports, TV and on the internet which includes facebook, twitter and blogs like MINE months ago!

*Wonder why there wasn't such stuff when I was in Secondary School! (悲)*

I've always been a lover of animation be it 2D, eg Little Mermaid & Spirted Away etc, 3D, eg Toy Story & Finding Nemo etc, or even animations made with photos, eg Shawn the Sheep and etc!

*As you can see I named at least one Disney show/movie for each animation type. I'm a DISNEY LOVER!!!*

Ok. Not sure about Shawn the Sheep but oh well!
It's shown on Disney Channel! Hmph!

That to create a really smooth flowing animation there's like 24 frames per second?!
That's like 24 photos OR WORST!
24 DRAWINGS(!!!) per SECOND!!!

So imagine! How many drawing do those old school Disney artists have to draw for each character for a movie more than one and a half hours long!!!


And the workshop begins soon after my late later arrival. =(
So pai seh~

And yes we got to know a little background of Animation which is why I know that there's like 24 framese per second. Heehee~

So! We bloggers have a little hands-on fun that evening!
We're gonna create our very own short animation clip within one hour!
(Or less I think.. Time seemed to fly)

So started learning how to go about making our props for our animation!


And here's the items given to Mint and I to make our wormy with!

So let's get started!!!

Oh goodness~ I can't remember when was the last time I played with plasticine!

Mint and I working hard to put our wormy together!

TADA!!! Our BABY!!!

See! Our new born baby couldn't stand the horrible weather here already! LOL

Here's Sidney and his wormy!

Done with worm...

Time to ANIMATE!!!

Mint at work!

Rolling~ Silent~ Everyone off your phones! (笑)

Move! Wormy MOVE!

Animation is SERIOUS business, OKAY~

Oh no! Wormy fainted at the end of the "shoot" cos of the crazy mood-swing weather!!!

Family portait with wormy down

Ok. This is Sidney's "worm".
So it was a worm but it has grown to be a butterfly within that mere one hour!

What's next?


Don't worry... You're made of plasticine, baby...

See! I'm such an Angel~

So at the end of the workshop, it's time for photos!!!

With Jiaqi

With "Trixy".

Ok. Sidney is Trixy and Trixy is Sidney.


So~ Wanna see how our masterpieces ae like?

Check out this video!

Hope you enjoyed the video!
Good night everyone!

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  1. Haha! Lovely post sweetie! And I love our picture together! Kawaii-ne~<3



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