Sunday, 21 November 2010

Meeting Jess!

Hi everyone!

Yesterday I met up with Jess! Yippe!

Jess and her Canon 500D

Haven't met her quite sometime ever since the Chris Ling Blogger Workshop a few months back.
She's like the only person I keep in contact from my Poly class. Apparently I'm forgotten and people that were only in 1 or 2 modules in my class are being treated more like my class's friends than me. Oh well..

I'm just glad I still have Jess!

And as usual, once you put Jess and I together with our cameras, we just keep snapping photos non-stop!

We had lunch at Hand-Burger @ 313 Somerset

Snapping photos away while waiting for out food to be served

Delicious Ice Lemon Tea. The crashed ice sure made it super yummilicious!

Camwhore while waiting!

Ok. There are more photos but they're all with Jess. LOL
Crazy random shots... =P

Jess's Ceasar Chicken Burger and Buffalo Wings

Another to prove me right.
Snap snap snap~

Now here's my burger! It's The Works!

There's bacon, onion rings, eggs, medium-well ribeye patty, lettuce and tomato!
All my love~! Except bacon alright...

Ok. I forgot the exact name for the soup.
It's some pumkin craby soup which is super delicious!

My yummilicious lunch!

*Can we eat now?*



After lunch, we head over to *scape for the fleamarket!

Seriously it was soo crowded and humid sia~!

I got a Nordic Poncho and a Monster Inc Fur Ball Keychain.
Jess got a handbag which ended up to be her shopping bag for the day. LOL

Camwhored while resting

Pinhole mode

Soft focus mode

Continued shopping from Takashimaya where Jess got her Tweety Bird Knitted Dress from ZARA to Wisma where we got super high at Cotton On thanks to $2.50 tops!
Yes I got 2 simple tanks tops and Jess got 2 lacey pretty tops!

Takoyaki at ION Gintako!

We didn't really wanna eat dinner cos our lunch from Hand-Burger was just too much, so we decided to share Takoyaki instead!



TADA! PopSister Jan 2011!

Oki. That's all for this post of Jess and I shopping in 2.5inches heels the whole day!
Sweet Dreams everyone!
Good night!


  1. do u know which products can cure acne ?

  2. hi there, did you dye your eyebrows?

    if not, what type of eyebrow products u used to colour your eyebrows??

  3. dawnへ
    Hi. SOrry but I'm unable to recommend you any product cos I don't use acne products.
    Not sure what is good..

    Nope I did not dye my eyebrows.
    I'm using Palty eyebrow mascara.
    My brows looks light because the mascara conceals the natural colour at the same time. =)

  4. Hi ツリキ

    I love your eye makeup here and your skin looks fantastic! What Upper and lower lashes you use??
    Is it Dolly wink? :)

  5. sherylへ
    Thank you!

    For upper lashes, I edited the lashes myself with some lashes I got from Far East Plaza and some I ordered online.

    As for lower lash, you can get that from SASA. 5 pairs for $3+? Style is 553.

  6. Where do you get popsister in SG? I've been trying to look for it for a very long time!

  7. Anonymousへ
    I bought it from Kinokuniya. PopSister and PopTeen go out of stock really fast like within 1-2 days so it's best to go down and take a look on the released day itself.
    Release day is usually the same as Japan so you can just go the Pop officially website to check. =)



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