Saturday, 13 November 2010



Finally I'm back online and blogging!!! Got the person from Singtel to fix my internet this evening! Yippe!
Here's a short post before I go to bed. Need to wake up early tomorrow~

So! on Monday, I went for's movie preview of The Housemaid with Wendy.
Oh gosh! Sorry I know yes I'm invited to watch the movie but I just HAVE to say my honest opinion. If I know that movie is THAT bad, I wouldn't watch it unless I'm being paid to watch it!
Waste of my 2+ hours in the cinema!
The movie is catergorised under "Thriller" but seriously... THERE'S NO THRILL AT ALL!

If I didnt get my nacho cheese, I would have slept through the movie lor~

Ok. So after the movie, Wendy and I went for dinner at Burger King after going Prize Station and I was eyeing a huge Rilakkuma!
Wendy said I could use her "jackpots" to get anything I want!
So yes, as tweeted/uploaded, Wendy got me a huge Rilakkuma!

Wahaha~ There's still one even BIGGER one at Prize Station Marina Square for 3 jackpots, too! I didn't take the HUGE one as there isn't space at home.

So here's my Rilakkuma out of the bag.
Have been sleeping with it every night since Monday!

Next! Some stuff I got from Watsons!
(Yes Watsons.. My "best friend")

Shower Cap: $0.90
Cosmetics Bag: $3.90
Umberella: $9.90

There's still more stuff like weight scale, cushions, mini towels, hair towels at Watsons!
Ok.. That's all I saw so afr from 2 different outlets.
Apparently different outlets sells different items and different colours!

(Don't worry Doraemon, you're still number 1!)

Oki! That's all for this short post!
Who's AFA tomorrow?! Heehee...


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  1. Waaa.. I want a Rilakkuma stuffed toy too ^__^
    gotta have a strawberry pillow first though hehe



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