Friday, 5 November 2010

In-Style with Liese


Hello everyone!
Finally I'm blogging on the wonderful products I got from last week!

And they are products from Liese!
C'mon! Repeat after me!
Lee-zay~ Lee-zay~

No Lie-she or what-so-ever ah!
Lee-zay~ Lee-zay~


Firstly, here's Liese's Smooth Cocktail!
Retail Price: $15.90

This Smooth Cocktail is a "Bi-layer treatment mist which contains Moisture Milk & repairing water. It helps smoothen out your tangles instantly by replacing your dryness and broken ends with smooth & moist finish.

After shampoo, conditioner, normal daily hair washing routine, I'll spray on some evenly onto my towel-dried hair, especially on the ends where hair tends to be super dry which will then tangle together!

I'll leave it in for around 5 minutes while I put on my skincare products to let my hair absorb this fruity detangling love before blowing dry my hair.

Of course, as my hair is super dry thanks to bleaching, colouring, curling etc etc, I'll always spray on more of Liese's Smooth Cocktail after blow dry.

SEE! My hair so nice right?!

But of course! To leave the house just like that having my hair down straight is a No-No for me as many of you would have known.

So how?

It's time for hair styling!

Step One!

Take some of Liese's Wave Up Foam (I'm using the orange bottle 01) and apply onto your hair.

Retail Price:
50ml - $6.90
150ml - $12.90

Of course, if you want the curls to be more defined, use 03!

Step Two!

Curl your hair!
Simple huh?

Step Three!

You're gonna need a stretchable headband and a normal hair rubber band.

Loop them together!

Step Four!

Hoop the headband over your neck and tie your hair into a loose low ponytail with the hair band you just looped onto the headband

Twirl your hair inwards and stuff them under your hair, under the headband!

Adjust gently and TADA!

You have this simple, japanese gyaru wavy bob hairstyle!

Too difficult to understand?

Watch this video then!

So now you know how to create this cute simple gyau bob hairdo with just one Liese product!

Of course, if you do not like the wavy bob, you can always hair straight bob just by skipping the curling process and apply some wax to keep your hair straight and flat instead of the Wave Up Foam!

Once again... HOW TO PRONOUCE 'LIESE'?

Yeah~ Everyone so smart, so clever!

Liese is available at Watsons, Guardian, Major supermarkets and hypermarkets!

That's all everyone!
Have a nice weekend!


  1. hi
    may i know what lens u r using & whats ur hair colour?(:

  2. Anonymousへ
    Hi! I'm wearing FreshKon Colors Fusion in Sparklers Blue for photos in this post.\

    I'm not very sure what exactly my hair colour is. I can only say it's something like caramel brown.

  3. so cute this bob style!!

  4. Hi sweet. wher u bot ur curlers?

  5. Anonymousへ
    Hi. I bought my curles from Watsons. The Philips 8 piece set.

  6. So cute! will try it out next time!

  7. nadnutへ
    Thanks~! Hey babe, if your hair is too short for this method, tie 2 loose ponytails and pin inwards.



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