Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Fake Profile on Facebook

Hi everyone!

I found this fake profile on Facebook using my name and photo!
Freaking pissed off!

Please help me report fake profile as Facebook admin is like ignoring my report!

So yes! That is NOT my facebook account!
Freaking banana!
I'm proud to be a Singaporean and LIVE in Singapore!
And I'm proud to be a Chinese and my surname is Mok!

Idiot couldn't even differenciate family name and given name!
Tsuriki Ami!?!
Given name + give name?!?!


Sorry but I am seriously against fake profiles that uses others' info and photos!!!

You what?!

To ashamed of your own face and name must use others' is it?!
Then don't bother using Facebook! And apparently, YOU DO NOT HAVE FRIENDS!

So draw circles at the corner ba!


  1. hi
    able tell me am i doing th right step ?

    after neutrogena hydro boost cleanser , then hada labo lotion then hada labo milk then biore uv milk then biore moist sunscreen , bb cream , loose powder , foundation

  2. celestiaへ

    Well, yes for the first 3.
    As for the Biore UV Milk and Moist Sunscreen, you just have to apply one.
    Too much sunscreen is also bad for your skin, too.

    After that should be either foundation OR BB cream. BB creams acts as foundation. Actually you can also skip sunscreen if you're using SPF protective BB cream.

    Lastly, end off with loose powder. =)

  3. any hair dye tht u will intro which will result in roughly th same colour as yours ?(:

  4. leleへ
    Hi. Sorry I'm not too sure.
    You can get your hair done at Artica.
    Just let Juno know you want my hair colour.

    Thank you!

  5. hello i really love your blog , and the products you are recommend , even the videos in youtube
    keep the good work dear ^_^

    Afra from Dubai

  6. she ownself create an account cos she thought she is very pretti but when u see her in real perosn(trixy) u will faint. super act jap. but yey ur face is not jap enough. full stop.



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