Monday, 15 November 2010

♥LovesCoachが 大好きです!♥

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I'm soooo excited to share with YOU this new love I got recently from Loves-Coach!!

It's the Kate Spade Big Apple Remy in Pink which is yours at $135 from Loves-Coach!

I'm a total fan of items that simple but super chio!
The pink is so super nice!

Why Loves-Coach?

Cos all items are affordable and prices are lower than Coach and Kate Spade in Singapore!

If you're wondering why are their items so cheap it's because their items are all direct from coach and kate spade factory in USA.
They are NOT rejected goods oh~!

As you can see, the wallet came in the original Kate Spade box, too, as shown in the very first photo of this post!

NO worries everyone! All items sold on their blogshop are
100% authentic & Brand new with tag!
And of course, authenticity card and gift receipt/photocopy of original receipt will be sent to you together as well.

Loves-Coach also ensure that you receive your items in the best condition possible!

Personal delivery to stated address in Singapore for orders S$200 and above.
They're using TA.Q.Bin Courier which is super good! If you're not at home to accept your parcel, they will come back the following day till the parcel is delivered to you!
So good right?!
As for all other amounts, collection will be via Meet up or self collection.

They DO NOT send your items via registered mail so that you can inspect your buys at the very spot!

Loves-Coach will assumes all responsibility of lost items during shipment and full refund/replacement will be made!
Like that you can shop super comfortablely with them!

See how chio the wallet is~~~!!!
I believe you also agree with me right?!

I just can't stop admiring my wallet!
Pinky Pinky Kate Spade Wallet!!!

Do note that all items are of limited pieces per design and colour oh~!

Check Loves-Coach out now!


  1. Omg I love you hair here!! Waa so cuute. Tutorial? Haha~

  2. Naomiへ
    Hi! All I did was to put on curlers overnight on damp hair. And this is what you're get the following morning.

  3. nadnutへ
    Yeah~ I like your Kate Spade bag from Loves-Coach, too!



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