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Ok. First thing first.
This post consist of 112 photos so please be patient and wait the photos to load.

And yippe! Last weekend was finally AFA X, the last AFA in Singapore!
(Rumored to be so)

It's my 2nd time going AFA. Didn't actually wanna go as I don't really have the money to spam on figurines and etc but oh well~ I went as Jim tweet me back that I should go when I was considering...

SO yup! I went!

Yes I was making silly faces before entering the hall. Gosh the crowd was scary!

Fook Yu in her School Uniform.
Photo taken in Soft Focus mode.

And Jo in her School Uniform, too!

Well, I wasn't really in the mood to stand there with lots of ヘンタイジジ snapping photos non-stop like what happened at Cosfest so I didn't dress up dress up.

If anyone were to ask me who am I cosplaying that day, I just told them "Trixy".

Met Toky outside the hall!

Oh well~ Didn't dress up but still had to snap photos with my dear cosplayer friends. LOL

Entrance to the Stage and I love Anisong Concerts.
So near~ Yet so far~

Camwhore with tickets before enterring

I only got the 1-day ticket for Saturday.

Anyone saw me that day?

Oki~ So are you ready to enter the door to Ani-craze?

ANIZO! The very first thing Jo aimed.
Merlion went off to see his Gundam...

And yes~ Jo happily got 2 gaza Anizo

Just LOOK at the smile on her face!

Display beside the gazapon(s)


Yes I know that this photo is blurred but oh well~ I like it!

There was the Project DIVA Arcade for all to play FOC!
I'm a huge fan of the game on PSP but neh~ I did not queue to play the game.

You can choose how you wanna dress your Miku

Some cosplayers playing the game~

The nice 小父さん from Ta.Q.Bin Courier

Huge Crayon Shin on the wall

Many booths from different company selling figurines, nendoroid and etc.

See the huge Animax balloon?

Animax booth for you to try voice-over-ing your favourite anime!

Guys' craze~!

Who wants a car like this?

Anyone went to the butler cafe? I heard that there were some people who queued for 3 hours but sadly the cafe closed and they were unable to go in!



We went to MMK Cafe!

Photos on the wall outside the cafe

MMK's Menu

MMK's Special! Moe Omu Rice as recommended by Jim and was what we all got in the end!

Cafe through the glass window and yup! That's Moe serving her "先輩"

US while waiting!
*Merlion not in photo*

Our drinks!

We were served by Tomomi at the door and Fel & Rina served us our food and drinks! They are all so cute~!!!


Moe and Miyake were at the cafe, too, and yup!
They are both really cute, too!

Fook Yu and her complicated cup of tea
Half sugar, half milk but want the milk by the side etc etc...

*If you've been reading long enough, you would know that this photo is so not taken my style LOL*

Photo taken by Fook Yu




Photo taken by Merlion!



Rest a bit before we start walking around again~

Now who wanna bring the MMK maid home?

Why not try bringing their limited camera home?!






Gundam! Now who wants THIS car?!

Whole range of Haruhi Suzumiya Nendoroids at the ToyCoin booth!

Whole range of K-On Nendoroids at the ToyCoin booth!

Oh~ When oh when are my K-On nendoroids arriving?!?!

Met シャリー! My clasamate from Ikoma!
Miss her Yamapi fan-girl-ing thingy in class cos I'll start my Nino fan-girl-ing thingy~ LOL

Jo and Zelma

*did I spell correctly?*

Jo kills Zelma for not practising well at CAF rehearsals! LOL
Just joking~!

Gosh! I can't wait for CAF but then again.. my costume's not ready yet!

Toky acting cute

Guchi guchi Toky

Jo and Stellar

*Ahem* Havent got time to teach her~ ROAR!!!

Jo and Kuromi

And here's Jo with her happy happy shopping!
(Left paper bag)

Wanna know what is it?

TADA! D-Gray Man Pillow!

Some AFA exclusive items at the COSPA booth

I got the K-On Mug with Lid for office from the COSPA booth!

After that, we went to Burger King for a drink and some rest before going back for Borders sales!

May our powers combined!


And back to camwhore while I enjoy my coke!!!

And yup I love my Kate Spade wallet from Loves-Coach!

Do check out their blogshop for great bargains on Kate Spade and Coach items!

I practically camwhore all the way as way as I'm seated down that day!


Jo hidding from I-don't-know-what

Ok.. I didn't really take much photos on cosplayers other than my friends as you realised...

The best Ranka and Sheryl of the day!

Erm... I have no idea which character from which anime/game is this.
I just took photo cos I find the costume(or rather wing) is really well done!

Same. Do not know what character from which anime/game.
Just find her costumer well done and she quite chio


Sorry but I'm camwhoring again

YEAH! I love this photo!


I got this hoping that it will be Stitch for Gerry

But thanks to Merlion and Fook Yu doing their "baby scanning" we found out that it's a MICKEY! Without even opening the box.


Doraemon on my lens cap

LOVES my Doraemon! You're still the BEST!

Nom nom nom!

Jo's buy from the Borders sales

See the "nerd" "studying"

And yes Jo is proud of her gazapon!

LOOK at the crazy crowd queuing for Anisong Concert way before the door opening time!

Silly boy left his phone at home and no one can contact him the whole day lah!

YEAH We found Mr. Lue Song Finally!!!

My 小弟!

Cosplaying Panties and Stockings
Photo taken by Fook Yu

Random photo but it sure was a funny scene.

Oh ya! Merlion went off to watch his JAM Project and we have Jae with us!

After everything, like finally after going back times after times, we went to Chic-King at Marina Square for dinner!

I was like dead tired already so Jo helped me buy my food!

Expensive tasty food

My meal

Seriously I think all their chicken are spring chicken lor~!

And the service was freaking bad! Jo, Fook Yu and Jae kept complaining the manage PMS!


OK. So I ended dragging myself home as I really was super duper tired on heels from like 9.30am to 8.30pm?!


That's all folks! Do share with me your experience at AFA X, too, oki?
Love ya!



  1. Hi, may i know which camera are you using for your photos?

  2. Anonymousへ
    Hi. Photos were taken using Olympus PEN Lite.

  3. hi
    which mask u recommend for sensitive skin?(:

  4. Celestiaへ
    Well, I'm using Hada Labo Hydrating Mask.
    Hada Labo's product are really gentle.
    You can give it a try. =)

  5. any other mask to intro ? example neutrogena hydro boost mask or mask from sasa ?

  6. Celestiaへ
    Well, I find neutrogena hydro boost mask a little strong for sensitive skin so I'll only use that before period when my skin is more oily.
    Sorry but I don't really buy mask in the first place.
    So far I find Hada Labo best and the Neutrogen Hydra Boost 2nd best.
    I did try some mask from SASA before but they kinda make my skin itchy after 3 use.



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