Monday, 15 November 2010

Photoshoot Day~

Hi ho everyone!

Heehee.. did my photo scare you?

Last Saturday, I woke up early in the morning and met Jo before heading down to Esplanade for photoshoot for Dephanie's school project.

It's the very first time I'm doing a photoshoot not for fashion or like profile pics but one with story. Literally~

Eye makeup of the day

FreshKon Sparker Grey Lenses
Upper Lash - Diamond Lash Violet #2
Lower Lash - DollyWink #6

Here's me in my 3rd outfit and also Outfit of the day.

Checkered Shirt from This Fashion
Demin Jacket from Japanese Fashion Street
Demin Shorts from Cotton On
Sneaker Heels from Newlook
Leopard Scarf Hat from Far East Plaza

The shoot went well and fast. Had lunch at Thai Express before going to Chinese Garden for shoots for the last 2 scenes.

Mr. OZ laughing away.
(Forgot what were we talking about already... )

My prawn fried glass noodles!
Forgot what's the Thai name for it already. Oh well..


Jo's pineapple rice

Didn't take photo of the others' food. =P

The lonely drumlet that OZ had forsaken~

Thank you Dephanie and OZ for lunch! 美味しかったです!

OZ and I while waiting for Dephanie's mum to fetch (half of) us to Chinese Garden.
Tomome and the Korean guy was chatting away while waiting.
(Sorry I can't remember Korean easily =( I feel so bad~)
And yes Tomome is REAL Jap.

With Jo~

Jo touching up her makeup on the car

And to entertain myself along the long way to Chinese Garden

Jo was camwhoring, too!

And yup! Here's US camhoring!

Camwhore more while waiting at Chinese Garden

Shoot at Chinese Garden was really funny as our dear reflecter OZ could not reflect the light properly on the Korean guy!
(Once again I'm sorry for forgetting your name!)

I can't wait to see the photos lah!
Must be so funny~! LOL

And our shoot ended with this monitor lizard crawling by!

And yes everyone took out their cameras or mobiles to snap photos.

OZ was like laughing that Dephanie took more photos of the lizard than the total number of photos taken throughout the whole photoshoot!

Oki! That's all for this post!


  1. ah.. as always you look so cute and flawless :)

  2. Love the Sneaker Heels! which outlet did you bought it at? thx =)

  3. Anonymousへ
    I got that from the ION Outlet. =)



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