Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Jiaqi's Hair Transformation at Artica


Last Friday on the 8th of October 2010, I woke up early to start preparing as I had to go down to the job agency to get some documents done in noon.

Wore a wavy bob hairdo that day.

It's a much easier version as compared to the one I did previously which tutorial video is already up on my Youtube channel for quite some time already.

I'll squeeze some time out to do a video tutorial for this version before I get my haircut.


Military style for the day!

So after going down to the agency, got my documents done, I head down to Artica where Jiaqi was getting her hair makeover, or should I say hair transformation.

ニャ~ Jiaqi got the Lumix camera that I was aiming...
Never mind... Anyway I'm aiming a Olympus PEN Lite now!
Saw the photo taken with it on PopSister magazine and all the photos are super chio!

Qiuting, or rather known as BongQiuQiu, was there too as Jiaqi won her hair transformation ticket from Qiuting's blog!

Qiuting giving Jiaqi manicure

As usual, camwhore~

Hayley and Chengxi arrived there some time later.

Seriously~ Something wrong with Chengxi that day...
He super duper lame sia! Cooolllllddddd lor!

Jiaqi's hair after the cut.
Byebye long hair~


Just LOOK at the dye!!!

See how serious the look Juno has on his face! LOL

So what was I doing while waiting?

Snapping photos

Qiuting giving everyone temporary tattoos

I chose this pretty floral design

And of course...


Now back to Jiaqi...

She's like so お嬢様 giving her hair and nails done together~!

Bear with it girl! 頑張って!

Everyone while waiting for the dye to settle

If you realised, Chengxi is not in the photo cos he went home to prepare his flight to Korea. Man I jealous of his job!

And also, we have Alton with us!!!

And don't forget UFOさん

We found another use of UFOさん, nails dryer!!!

Camwhore more...

And Qiuting continued painting nails for Hayley!

Crayon Shin

And we started watching the Phua Chu Kang spoof of Ris Low.

*Seriously we did not know that Jiaqi took this photo till I saw it on her blog*

We were just too carried away of BOOMZ and LEOPARD PRINTSSS~~~!!!

Wishy washy off dye~!

TADA!!!! Jiaqi's new hair colour!!!

Seriously it's freaking chio!!!

Yes I know... I jealous! LOL

Group photo while Jiaqi looks like some siao char bo getting her hair blow dried

Closed up!

Remember how Jiaqi looks like before her hair transformation?

And here's Jiaqi's hair now!!!

Juno お疲れ様でした!

You have to admit it, her hair is super chio!!!

By the way, both Qiuting and myself get our hair done at Artica by Juno, too!

Far East Plaza
Tel no.: 68362891

Do note that Juno is on off every Monday.
Remember to make an appointment before going down to avoid disappointments!

Almost half of the photos in this post are grabbed from Jiaqi's blog.
Read her post here:

Woo~ I can't wait to get my new hairstyle!!!


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  1. waaah, I'm amazed, you did really took all the process pics! hahas~ nice=D

    oh, And I'm following you ^^



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