Saturday, 9 October 2010

Super WTH Message on FB

I received this message and I seriously can't believe that there is actually such a thing going on in Singapore!
Like so freaking 'opening' (in a way) ask if girls wanna earn money through giving blowjobs and sex!


I saw that all 'friends' of this account are those so called chio bu(s).
Oh my goodness... So what? Those girls actually like opening accept such a 'job' on Facebook where everyone in their network can see!!??

Gosh! And the person can actually state
'nowadays people are keen to earn more money, and this is easy, sex and blowjob that's all'

Girls are what?!
Freaking desperate for money to buy LV, Prada, Gucci huh?!


Reported spam after screenshot anyway...


  1. lolll, you should have pretended to be interested and see what that form you had to fill involved :P

  2. I'll report that to police if I got ~_~



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