Sunday, 17 October 2010

Fire Diary 2

Hi everyone~

Today is the 2nd day after the fire.

As I received news yesterday that we are allowed to go back home to take stuff, I went back this afternoon with my boyfriend to get some things I need like my dear lappy that I'm blogging with right now.

My unit looks fine other than the ceiling at the door area looking like this:

Everywhere was carried with a layer of ash and the whole floor smell of the burnt ashes and etc, whatever it is called. My white table was gray okay~!

My sister told me that the wall at the corridor is black and super scary. Yes it is. To think that I went back during the day and I find it scary as my whole level do not have any electricity, my mom and her went up to take a look that very night after the fire was extinguished and safe for people to go up. Gosh~

Ok.. Here are some photos I took just now of the corridor

No flash. Don't worry, that person with green legs is my boyfriend.

The lift around 4 units away

It's freaking scary~! Looks as if I just entered either some haunted house or some scene used for filming for either horror movies or those fire fighter drama.

Pic my boyfriend Twitpic in the afternoon.

怖すぎる~! (><) !

Ok. That's all for now.
Gonna go sleep early for work tomorrow.

Sweet dreams everyone~


  1. are you staying at those 1 room flat?

  2. lol she is of coz,black hearted girl, no wonder kanna this type of suay siao stuff, she photoshop alot looking so normal only in real person with super dry hair



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