Friday, 15 October 2010

Pasta Pasta

Hi everyone!

This is gonna be the last post before I start work.
Hope that I won't be THAt busy after starting work... I'll still blog at least once a week and flood everyone with all my 自恋 camwhore photos!!!


Outfit of the day

I sure did attract quite an amount of attention that day as many people would be thinking that I'm some siao char bo walking down Orchard Road in that furry hoodie jacket of mine!

Oh well! I love my jacket so who cares?!

Met boyfriend and Wendy before Wendy had her very first Japanese lesson at Ikoma!
Yeah!!! That's another friend of mine on my list that studies at Ikoma!

Went to Far East Plaza to walk around and after Wendy went for her lesson, boyfriend and I chilled out at the 7-11 right outside FEP!

Boyfriend got me giant apple slurpee! LOVES~!

And after we're done with our icy slurpee(s), we went to Artica to wait for Juno before heading to Cineleisure together!

Had dinner at Shodoku

Boyfriend's Pork Katsu Curry Rice

And I was waiting for me pasta

Where oh where is my pasta?!

Boyfriend almost finish his food already and my pasta still wasn't here!

ROAR~! Stupid waitress missed out my order! Idiot! Still can tell us we ordered 3 items but only 2 came!

Hungry Tsuriki = Angry Tsuriki

And it's finally here!!!

Hotate with spicy roe pasta!

Extra eggy from my boyfriend!

After dinner, we went over for pool where we met Freddie and Joey.

Wendy joined us after her lesson, too!


Oki! That's all for my 10/10/10.
How did you spend yours?
I know that that day was pretty special to many people~

Lastly, as there weren't anyone that took part in my hair challenge, I'll be giving away the hair products to 2 selected readers that answer this question correctly.

"What's the web address of my
newly opened blogshop?"
Note: It's not JFS

Please leave a comment on the giveaway post here with your name and email address.

I'll randomly select 2 readers and randomly give you the hair products.

And again, I'm sorry but this giveaway is only open to within Singapore as I cannot send liquid items overseas.

Giveaway deadline: 22 Oct 2010, 2359.



  1. wah you're really a make up guru! I'm not a make up person, actually, but I'd really like to learn it from you^^

  2. Kim Hye Rin ♥ 김혜린へ
    You can check out my YouTube channel for tutorial videos. =)

  3. My 10 10 10.. Well it was such a busy day
    X3 We went all the way to North Vancouver ~ so we crossed the sea to go to the island then went back to Downtown Vancouver~ window shopped then rode the train all the wayyy to Surrey and went back to Vancouver teehee.. such an adventure.. tiring, yes.. but Fun!



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