Friday, 29 October 2010

♥アキバナナ + いろいろ♥


First, to start of this post, here's a photo of furry Kolvis while he was having his dinner.

heehee... So who's hungry?


Met Fook Yu and had Dim Sum for lunch last Saturday before we head down to Kinokuniya to get our books and stuff!

PopSister Dec 2010 and a 2011 Organsier

Jo joined us soon after that and we had this random idea of going to a maid cafe. Wanted to go to the one at Funan but we had no idea if it's open already so we ended up with Akibanana.

The Pink room looks so not dreamy in the day. LOL

Jo in her latest favourite checkered shirt

See~! Fook Yu and I have HUGE PINK FLUFFY HEARTS!!!

I'm thinking of getting a bling heart necklace...
Anyone knows where can I get one?

Fook Yu has a pink heart, too! Oh well.. She prefer to be heartless so I shall take that heart away from her.

We the citizens of Singapore...

LOL. Had this inside joke about hearts that day...

And more inside jokes. LOL

Fook Yu's Spicy Mango Cocktail

Seriously... it's like exactly what Pearl had the other time just that her doesn't have alcohol in hers.

Jo just had to give every drink a different pose

Jo's gummy soda drink... I forgot the exact name of it already.
Oh well, the taste is horrible.

My Bloody Mari

Wanna guess what is the "eyeball"?
Lychee? Longan?

And I like so shuay lah...
My first 2 straw had holes in them.
So that's how my cup ended up looking like after I got a straw that does not have unwanted holes, like FINALLY~

My kena-cheated, wormy sandwich

Jo and her pathetic omu rice

Seriously... just compare hers and the one I had the other time!

Sad right?

Not only that. The other day when I went with Pearl, everything, the food, the drink, they were all fine.
This time round, everything was horrible lah~ And I totally thought that things would be better on weekends.

Just LOOK at Jo's omu rice side salad.
Seriously, it taste horrible other than the cherry tomatoes that Fook Yu and I finished and hard boiled egg that Jo finished.

Stupid me~ Going on a weekday evening is better lor~!

Bought cupcakes from Ion Awfully Chocolate

LOVES~ Although I'm not a person that eats chocolate flavoured stuff as I find them bitter especially cakes and ice cream etc (but yes I love chocolate itself),
I like Awfully Chocolate's cakes!

Just imagine how nice it have to be for me to say I like it!
Normal chcolate cakes that people say nice, nice, I'll throw up after eating one lor~
But for Awfully Chocolate I'll go for second round okay~!!!
Although yes they are kinda pricey but it's totally worth your money!

Random photo of the Ramune I bought from Daiso that day
It is UV protective okay~!

Okay. That was total crap.
The stick was from this shades that I got from Daiso, too.

We just ended up playing around till Jo settled the timing for her to meet Eileen before their movie.

Yes~ More hearts. Even my Ettusais coin purse is part of the joke now...

Random shot

We went down to KKnM after Akibanana. Didn't buy anything from there even though I actually was thinking of getting a cup to put in office.
Not very nice to keep using my supervisor's cup even though it's an extra and she doesn't really use it...

Oh well, I'm proud of myself!
I was soooo tempted by the dancing Yui and Mio!

After that, Fook Yu accompanied me to get my brazilian waxing done at Pink Palor when Jo and Eileen went off for their movie.

Bumped into Clara AKA Dblchin after my waxing as she was there getting her waxing package.

Aw man~ She must be enjoying herself like crazy in Tokyo now~

Got these 2 from the game shop in Orchard Central.

Yes Gerry~ The Rayman Rabbid is for you~!

My dinner for the night!
Loves prawn Aglio Olio~!

Ok. Now for some (or rather quite a lot of random updates)

ARASHI DVD and Album that Fook Yu helped me get from Hong Kong!!!
Loves Fook Yu!!!

Red ZA Lip Gloss (Not as red as expected. Sianz)
SANA Lip Concealer (Feels more like a nude lip stick than concealer. Sianz)

Items got when I went shopping with my sister for office wear

Mr. Bean accessory which I have not decided where should I hang them on
Special Limited Maybelline X Hello Kitty mascara. Available at Watsons
Biore Moist sunscreen

Nails stuff gotten the night I went to watch 童眼 as I was pretty upset so I bought these to cheer me up

Nail polish remover (store at boyfriend's place)
Sally Hansen Diamond Base & Top Coat

And yes my current love, Sally Hansen nail colour!

New FreshKon Gray coloured lens.

Freaking upset with the EOS company!
All the lens I ordered from blogshop jammed!
Idiot~ So now I'm using FreshKon till my EOS lens arive in Singapore!

My Melliesh Limiter Eyeshadow & Liner Set at Mio-san helped my buy!

It's super kawaii lah! So glad Mio-san managed to grab one for me!

And yes she helped me order from the official Popteen/Popsister Online Shop

Now here's one thing I got today!

TADA!!! Talking Doraemon mouse!

It's like super cute lah!

It fits my small hand nicely~!

Side where the On/Off button for the sound is at

Bottom where the speakers are

And some DVDs that I just wanna keep "hardcopy"

And yes everyone, I have been working in a office for the past 2 weeks plus.
If you've been following my tweets, you would have realised that I'm super bored at work everyday.
Oh well, Boss just told me my "boring days" will be over next week alright. LOL

So here's some photos of what's always on my table at work

My handphone of course! With my Yui guitar strap on.
That's my only access to Twitter and Facebook at work...

In short candy but I have been eating this Peach Milk recently. Yummy~!
Just finished everything today. Shall store more for next week!

My FreshKon contact lens/eye drops

A must ever since I started wearing EOS lens and now that's I'm really staring at the monitor 9 hours every weekday, eye drops is a MUST to get!

Lip balm.

Super cracky lips even though I drink hell lot of water at work my lips are still cracking cracking CRACKING!

I switch between this Mango Orange one and my Vaseline one all the time.. It just depends on which one I pull out first from my bag that morning.

Okay~ A few days ago I received a courier at my workplace

And like I said, I was super bored in office so I was freaking tempted to tear open the box to see the products in it!

Oh well, I resist temptation till I got up the company bus home after work.

I opened the box normally and Elisah, our Super Mr. Gentleman Nice Guy had his work sydrom and did this to my box.

The power of attachment/internship is able to change a person's behavior. LOL

So what's inside the box?
They are the Liese products which I'll be teaching you all how to do the simple wavy bob hairdo with next week!

So stay tuned everyone!

Gonna sleep early! Don't wanna go for a cosmetic launch event looking like a panda right?



  1. Aaaah. I want to buy the Maybelline X hello kitty mascara, been waiting for it for so long already D= (Singapore is damn slow T___T)

    Roughly how much did you buy it for? XD

    I recently got Freshkon's Shimmering Grey too. Totally love how it looks~

  2. where did u got ur doromon mouse ? it's cute

  3. Mirai ♥へ
    I got it for $22.90 if I didn't remember wrongly. Got grab it quick! It's selling fast!

    Really?! I can't wait to try on the lenses.. It's my first time getting Grey lens

    I got it from Toy Outpost at *SCAPE.

  4. hi, may i know where did you get your rilakkuma from? It's cute!! :)

  5. Anonymousへ
    My boyfriend caught that from the arcade at AMK Hub a few months ago. =)

  6. hi may i know where r u working at :) ? Sounds like a carefree job to me!

  7. Anonymousへ
    Sorry but I will not post up where do I work at exactly.
    I'm that free at work cos I'm new and cos I'm still learning alot of things, my workload is not heavy at the moment.



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