Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Clean Pretty Skin with Biore

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Hi everyone~!

As all of you know, I do use makeup (like duh). Not only do I apply makeup around 3 times a week, sometimes I do have to put thicker makeup whenever I'm doing photoshoots or for performance.

And what's one thing I hate about putting on makeup other tha yes it's harmful to my skin and etc, is the removal of all the chemicals I have on my face for dont-know-how-long.

(Photo taken during work. I do not use lower lashes when I go to work)

It can be really really troublesome especially for people like me that uses fake lashes. Not only do I use upper fake lashes, I also use lower fake lashes which of course, many of you already know.

Which yes~ I'll do a makeup tutorial for lower lashes once I can go home normally...

So yes! The trouble everytime I have to go through at night after a tiring day out, I STILL HAVE to remove my makeup. Not just remove but remove super duper clean! I'm sure no one wants any remaining of whatever form of cosmetics on your face right? Which of course includes me!

Thankfully, I found my best friend Biore!

(BTW, trimmed my fringe at Artica after work this evening... =p)

Introducing the range of makeup remover that Biore carries in Singapore!!!

My all-time favourite eye makeup remover, the Hydra-Clear Makeup Remover!

As shown in my YouTube video for my skincare routine here, I really love this product and has been using it ever since it launched in Singapore!
My boyfriend got me the very first bottle and YES!
It's good that's why he buy!

Like mentioned in my video, it really cleanses my eye makeup really well! Just imagine what I have on my eyes everytime I go out!
1. Base (Foundation, Loose powder)
2. Double eyelid tape
3. Eyeshadow base
4. Eyeshadow (Around 2-4 shades on average)
5. Eyeliner (Around 3-4 types on average)
6. Mascara (I usually go for 2 coats even if I'm putting on falsies)
7. Falsies + Glue

That's like minimun 7 different things on my eyes alone!

Don't forget my eyebrow pencil and eyebrow mascara!

This blue bottle really solved lots of problems for me! Almost all my eye makeup is gone with every use! Only thing left on my eye that's forever a problem is lash glue. But still, this blue bottle makes the lash glue really soft so I can simply pull them off gently from my lash roots area!
2 words - total love!

Next - Cleansing Oil Cotton Facil Sheets!

I started using these last August when I had my trip to Tokyo. As I didn't wanna bring a whole bottle of makeup remover there for my 8 day trip, I decided to give them a try!

Another, LOVES~!
Love the smell of it! Love that it's like another wet tissue but cleanses my makeup really well! I had no problem removing my makeup with just those facial sheets! I always feel really happy after using them!
I have no idea why but it just makes me happy!

I guess it's cos not only cos they smell nice, they cleanses my face well and do not make my skin feel irritated at all!

That's one big problem for me for having sensitive skin~ ニャ~

And now for the latest member of Biore makeup removing range in Singapore...

PINKY PINKY Makeup Remover!
(I just like to call it Pinky Pinky cos the pink is so sweet!)

My new love!

How to use:
1. Shake well gently
2. Pour a small amount on a cotton wool pad
3. Soak over eyes & lips for a short while and gently wipe your makeup off!

TADA! Before and After makeup removing with this Pinky Pinky!

Love it for being fragance free!

I don't really like makeup removing oil/gel/lotion that has smell.
Some smell seriously weird~!

And of course, after cleansing your eyes and lips, cleanse your face with the Facial Sheets!

Seriously, you should really really REALLY try these products out!

(Photo below is a photo of me with my nude face alright)

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XOXO Hugs everyone!
Have a good rest!


  1. I've been thinking about it, which one is better, maybelinne lip & eye make up remover or biore~ umm..

  2. I used that before... I still like Biore more. You can get the samples to try first. =)



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