Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Popu-Store's Fashion Preorder

Hi everyone!

Popu-Store has just opened our very first fashion apparel preorder!
This time, we'll be having some of the hottest items as recommended on PopTeen and PopSister!

So what are some MUST GETS this Autumn?


1. Military Style Jacket

Item 26 - Simple Military Style Jacket

2. Cardigan

Item 29 - Flag Back Cardigan (Nadnut's Choice!)

3. Knitted Hat/Wear

Item 15 - Knitted Hoodie

Item 20 - SLY Inspired Knitted Dress

4. Fur Vest

Item 11 - Military Style Fur Vest

Item 12 - Furry Short Vest


1. Leopard Prints

Item 19 - Leopard Flutter Top

2. Military Colour

Item 28 - Army Green Military Jacket

3. Fur

Item 13 - Long Furry Vest

Item 18 - Leopard Fur Vest (MY FAVOURITE ITEM!!!)

And since this our very first fashion preorder after shifting from JFS, here's a discount for all of my readers!

Buy 2 or more pieces of apparel and get 10% off!

Discount Code: Aki-Tsuriki

Shop on now!

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