Sunday, 17 October 2010

Fire diary 1

Hi everyone~

I'm blogging using my handphone that boyfriend rescued now.
Decided to start this Fire Diary to blog on my life after that fire yesterday.

So today is the first day after the fire and as I couldn't go home to get anything, I had to go shopping for stuff head to toe.
Got lingerie, clothes for work, some pyjamas, heels, toiletries...
Thankfully my stepmom gave me $100 if not I'm sure gonna burn big big holes in both my sister and my pockets although ya the whole is pretty big already now...

At night when I was on my way back to my boyfriend's place, I received a call from my mom and she told me that HDB allow us to go back home to take stuff.

So I'll be going home tomorrow to take some stuff. Gonna take my laptop, my Che Che tote, save my nendoroid by shifting them to a safe place and no longer on my table, my cosmetics, some casual wear, etc etc... I'm so gonna prepare to pack a bag for 'camp' tomorrow!
Dig out my big duffle and stuff my things in!

Ok... Received confirmed news of the person that died... Haiz... It's seriously sad...

There's alots of different stories yesterday but I really do not know which is the truth. Now all everyone can do is to wait till the police, firemen to investigate.

Come to think about when I woke up this morning, dropping my phone into the tiolet bowl may now have been such a bad thing. As I was actually really super tired cos I had only 3 hours of sleep the night before, I wanted to go home after work to rest. However, as I couldn't contact anyone thanks to my wet, cold phone, I wasn't able to cancel off meeting my boyfriend for movie. So ya... I went to watch movie.
And as for my mom, she was being forced to work over-time thus she did not go home early.

Thank God~

Okay... That's all for now.
Have a goodnight everyone.


  1. woah, u should take care, and lack of sleep could lead to a skin problem lo.

  2. This is God's way of saving you.
    You are very lucky :)



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