Sunday, 10 October 2010


Ok~ This is gonna be a short post to express how happy and excited am I...

Chatted with my dear Gerry over the phone for a short while on Friday when I was on my way to a job agency to get some documents done before going down to meet the HR of the company that I'm gonna be working at on Monday!

Yippe! She's coming back soon for the summer holidays!!!

Gosh I miss her super duper lots!!!

I'm like so gonna plan a whole day where we just go out and eat, eat, EAT!!!
Muahaha~ Chicken rice, Dim Sum, Cui Khui, Ya Kun... What else?!
Satay? Prata?

And I don't care! We're gonna make our Okonomiya together!!!
And we can watch all 3 movies of Little Mermaid, play Wii till our arms break etc!!!


Ok... Enough of expressing my heart pumping emotions... LOL

Next... Anyone remembers this wig I tried out during Shunji Matsuo's Wig Launch Event?

I find this wig super duper chio~ A

And why am I blogging this photo again?
Cos Jiaqi got her hair transformation makeover at Artica on Friday by Juno and it's like as chio as this wig, or even better!!!

Will blog about it soon!

I like totally LOVE Jiaqi's hair lah! But then again, it's not something I know I would want to have on for more than a week. I'm still more of a brown, gold person when it comes to hair colour!

Ok~ That's all for now!
Oh ya! One last thing, I'll be getting my hair cut soon so I'll try to rush a hairdo tutorial video for people with long hair before I chop off my hair!
Still discussing with Juno about the hairstyle I should get... Wahahaha~!!

Have a good night everyone!
Loves Tsuriki.

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