Monday, 3 August 2009

PUMA and Friends

Finally I'm blogging about that busy busy day! Blogging at work now.
Yup! I got a job. Shall blog on it another. Now is the time for a post on last Wednesday!

Sorry but I only have the time to edit the photos I took. I only resized the photos that Diana took and post them up. I don't wanna delay this great day's post any further.

Yippe! First thing in the morning, I went down to PUMA's office to meet up with the other bloggers who are proud to be Friends of PUMA, including myself!

I met first as we were the first 2 who reached there.
*OKAY. Maybe Lawrence was there already too but we didn't see/notice him*

*Photo credits to*

Diana and I!

We were like talking and talking while waiting for the rest to arrive, supposingly... However, the truth was Gabriel didn't know that we were seated outside so were like actually "waiting for each other" but we're all actually there in the office already -- including Lawrence!

Ok. So it's time to set off to go to various media and ask them to celebrate PUMA's 10th Anniversary for PUMA Motorsports.

*Photo credits to*

Presenting Gabriel!

*Photo credits to*

And Gabriel and Lawrence!


*Photo credits to*

Diana was like drooling the whole day to see pretty boy Lawrence lor~!
*just kidding*

So fun and see~ All the cupcakes/muffins so cute right?!

*Diana and I were debating a little on whether were those cupcakes or muffins.* LOL

So what do you think it is?

*Photo credits to*

Cutie Lawrence with the cutie PUMA cakes!

*Photo credits to*

And here's helping out to carry some Press kit and stuff

And there's one more eye candy of the day! (Including to me)

*Photo credits to*

Ken!!! Our racer model for the day in racer suit! Super kakkoii lah!

He is like the tallest japanese guy I've ever met personally till now lah! He is 1.86m tall okay~? Even taller than my dear boyfriend!

First Stop!

Singapore Press Holdings!

We're all waiting outside the door to the female magazine office! Girl stuff! Wuhu~

*Photo credits to*

And here's Ken waiting with us with the PUMA cake in his hand!

Our pretty boys for the day! Ken, Elson and Lawrence!
(from left to right)

*Photo credits to*

More pretty boys!

Ken is a Japanese okay~ He like super man lah! Shuai ge!!!! Kakkoii ne!!!

And it's time to attack the office!

As you can see, I am in this photo above so obivious this photo is also credited to LOL

Let's go!

Searching for editors~ Searching for editors~

Yeah! Found one!

OK. Ken IS very KAKKOII! =P

And Gabriel lit up the candle~

Let's sing birthday song!

Singing birthday song to PUMA Motorsports!
*Gabriel~ Why so like so shy?*

Make a wish...

*Photo credits to*

and blow the candle!

*Photo credits to*

Here's the cutie cakey!

Here's Gabriel explaining the various events and partys for PUMA this F1 seasons!

"Oh~ I see I see~"

Say cheese everyone!

*Photo credits to*

And here's a photo of my red Ferrari cap! Nice right~?

Now... Look at Lawrence...

*Photo credits to*

So funny lah he!

*Photo credits to*

And then a normal pretty boy again.

He seriously look as though he has makeup on for filming and stuff but NO HE DID NOT LOR! He is naturally that fair! Even more fair than me I guess.

So next target in search~ *Didididi~~~*


Other PUMA staff and Kakkoii Ken with the editor. I seriously find him really familar... hmm... I just can't remember his name. Can anyone please enlighten me?

Next target! A pretty woman!

*Photo credits to*

Pretty right?

While Gabriel was explaining again, one more kakkoii shot of Ken!

*Photo credits to*

More explaination

*Photo credits to*

And a group shot! Kaza!

Fourth target! A pretty lady!

*Photo credits to*

And there's Gabriel repeating his speech on the PUMA events and parties this F1 season over again for the 4th time! And Ken very handsomely standing beside him!

Look at Lawrence!!! He so cute lah!!!

Sorry Gabriel. This was totally candid but the lady was just too pretty so I have to put this photo up.

*Photo credits to*

The pretty lady~! I think she's mixed blood? Oh well, just very pretty that's for sure! hahaha

Group shot! Pretty girl with pretty boys~!

The hardworking PUMA staff in the background.

Next target~

Wuhu~ I love that pose! hahaha...

Diana and I were laughing our heads off in the quiet office when I showed her this photo.

Another group shot! Cheese everyone!

And here's Diana with her very very old camera!

*Photo credits to*

Here's Ken and 2 other ladies at that office! C'mon~ No one can resist such a man guy okay~

*Photo credits to*

Group shot of the bloggers with Ken and Gabriel! Sadly the other 2 selected bloggers are not able to join us. =(

Next editor!

*I'm so sorry if I get anything wrong and don't even remember who is in-charge of which magazine. There were just too many!!!*

And the speech goes on again~

See all the paparazzi! Aiyo~

*Photo credits to*

Group shot!

Now on to the next level, the guys magazines' level!

Oh! Ken spotted me!

Otsukaresama deshita!

*Photo credits to*

Here's Elson totally dressed in PUMA!!! Hardcore sia~

Editor stuned to see kakkoii Ken!

*Photo credits to*

Group shot! Cheese~~~~

Next level! Here we come!

Group shot with one of the editor! Diana and I were actually in the photo too but we seemed kinda out of place so I cropped the photo. =P

Ah~ This is better~!

Chitty Chatties ^-^

And then Diana and I had fun with the SPH boards at the back of the room


And mua!

That marks the end of SPH's visit that day alright.

While waiting for Gabriel and some other PUMA staff to be ready to set off to the next destination, CAMWHORE WITH PUMA CAKES!

Meow~ How I wish I got eat one~ OK. Maybe share with Diana or something.

Group shot of Bloggers with Qian Yu! Yippe!

And we here were in Gabriel's car again, on our way to the second destination after dropping Lawrence off at PUMA office to get his car.

And here are the ladies! TADA!!!

We arrived at MediaCorp after a horrible traffic jam and some very unpleasant inccident outside the car park of MediaCorp.

I seriously do not wanna get sued or anything so I shall not blog details. I shall let the photos do the blogging for this matter.=p

Entry and exit points

Parking charges at MediaCorp

Use your imagination~ Think of what might have actually happened. But whatever it is, it IS your imagnation and has nothing to do with me. Like mentioned, I do not wish to be sued or anything. So let's keep things this way. =)

So back to after getting in MediaCorp.

Taking photos with かっこいい Ken while waiting for some paper work for visitors to be done

*Photo credits to*

Lawrence and I! Faster snap a shot with him before he leaves for filming!

*Photo credits to*

*Photo credits to*

And here's Diana, Lawrence and I! (*^-^*)

So in the end, none of the bloggers got to go in except Lawrence. C'mon~ he works for MediaCorp am I right?

And our Racer model Ken got in!

Go Ken! LOL

Cam-whore while waiting as I was starting to feel a little bored.

The TVs there has no sound at all! Not even like one lah! So boring~ Watching TV still have to read their lips. Super tiring sia~

After everything was done, we then set off to our 3rd location for the day!

Just look at the sky~ I did not edit this photo AT ALL okay~ Not even contrast! Just resized it only!

Camwhoring on Gab's car again. See my Ferrari cap and sweater!!! I love them!!!

And Diana was looking out the window at I-dont-know-what. hahaha

Here's Gab at his driver's seat and Qian Yu sitting beside him.

Diana noticed something that Gabriel likes to say when he sees dangerous drivers.

*Photo credits to*

"Ban them from driving!"

Next stop,

MediaCorp Publishing!

I seriously didn't know that MediaCorp Publishing is just beside ST Eletronics lah! The place I was posted to for my industrial attachment! Though I was not alway at the Ang Mo Kio site, I did went there for like around 5 or 6 days and I even walked passed that building like 3 or 4 times when I walked to school or back after lunch from school! Argh~~~ Kutu me!

Dian's PUMA shoe. Nice right???!!! Saddly, it's a sample piece and I don't think shops are selling the female one. Sian~

PUMA's staff all super hardworking one lor~

See! Even model Ken also working hard! hahaha...

Ah~ Eye candy of the day~ LOL

*Photo credits to*

*Photo credits to*

Let's go! C'mon!

Everyone working together!

Once we reached the office of MediCorp Publishing, Qian they all put down their stuff first at a corner before all of us went to the canteen for late lunch!

Diana and I with our vegeterian food! And yes.. Elson's manager is in the photo of me.

My yummy rice! Okay~ The EGG tastes WEIRD! Weird right? Like how can a simply fried egg taste weird?!


*Photo credits to*

Here's Elson with his plate emptied already!

Oh ya! I wanna thank PUMA and Elson's Fanclub's advisor for the food and drinks! Though it may seem like nothing much, but still wanna say THANK YOU!!!

*Photo credits to*

Here's Elson's manager~ (-_-) Can he just STOP taking unglam stuff?! It's like totally ruining our image! (If I even have one... LOL)

Last stop for Diana and I, MediaCorp Publishing.

I know this is random BUT I just couldn't resist the sight of a cookie bouquet! Meow~

And back to work everyone!

Happy birthday to you~
Happy birthday to you~

*Photo credits to*

Happy birthday PUMA Motorsports~
Happy Birthday to you~

The explaining of PUMA's events and parties this F1 seaon went on again~

*Photo credits to*

This photo is posted cos the lady really look sweet with that great smile! Share with everyone of you!

Once again, the hardworking wonder ladies!

OK. This marks the end of my celebration with PUMA for that day.

Diana and I made a move first after having a chat with Qian on falsies and before the rest made their way to the Cleo magazine's office.

Hmm... After some thought and having more and more people asking me on how to put on falsies, I guess I'll post up a post of how to put on falsies ba!

So Diana and I took a cab down to Bishan Junction 8 where I helped Diana to get some stuff needed to put for falsies like a very important item -- eyelash glue.

So I intro-ed her some of the stuff I use for both present and in the past like the eyelash clips which I used to used 2 years back when I still didn't really know how to put falsies on. Some falsies and etc etc.

Diana also bought me something that I wanted to buy for a long long time but I just couldn't bear spending that amount of money on.

TADA!!! This small lash curler!!! I always feel that $8 plus is expensive for this little thingy so I never buy it after even years!

THANK YOU DIANA!!! ( * ^ - ^ * )

So after buying Diana's "眼睛毛", she went back to office to carry on with her work whereas for me, I went to school for a meeting that was supposingly supposed to be held at around 5pm?

Ya... Diana kept calling falsies "眼睛毛" instead of "眼睫毛". haha... So funny lah! Qian and I was like laughing and laughing~ =P

So I went back to school and I did not see Dann there even though he told me he was outside the clubroom when I was about to leave J8. Like Bishan to Yio Chu Kang only 2 stops lor~ Where on earth did he go to?

I asked Shawn and he told me her went back to Orchard dut to some stuff. Hai... Horrible Dann didn't even tell me what happened!

So in school, Jo, Eileen, Ban Theng, Sherwin and I were browsing through photos that some official photographers of CAF took and we seriously were freaked out when we came across one particular photo. Lue's one... Aiyer~ I shall not see that part of photos of Usagi anymore. Especially during the Lunar 7th month! LOL!

Soon Jo had a short debriefing with the cosplayers and helpers for CAF.

And current treasurer came to look for ex-treasurer~

I think Eileen looked pretty cool in that shades. Don't you think so?

So after the meeting, our dear Danny still was not back from Orchard. hai... So the supposingly supposed to have meeting meeting was cancelled. I then went to Mac with Jo and BT for snacks and to wait for Uncle Xiang Min. Okay. I was not waiting for Uncle Xiang Min alright... cos I wasn't going for practice that evening. I was waiting for the time to come so that I can walk over to Ang Mo Kio to wait for Dann and his mom for a dinner that we were supposed to have.

OK. Cut the whole story short. That dinner that the 3 of us were supposed to have together was cancelled too due to some unexpected inccident. So I accompanied Dann's mom home and assuring her some stuff over that few slow hours.

It was a really busy day. Physically, mentally, emotionally. Everything seem to pass very fast and always on-going.


Sometimes I just wish that someone can be less smart.

Have a good day ahead everyone!

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