Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Looking forward to Japan

*Photo taken by Jo*

OK. I've decided to post like photo by photo for the photos taken on the official outdoor photoshoot day for this year's Cosplay Arts Festival cause there's just too many and I'm like so lazy to compile every photo from every photographer as much as possible den edit and blah blah blah before posting. hahaha... So ya... you shall see one photo at a time.

Gonna go pack my stuff for my birthday trip to Tokyo soon. Arh~ I spent like $45.45 at Watsons today buying stuff for the trip like shampoo and blah blah blah... hahaha... Dann said I was like crazy when I told him I spent the whole 1 hour only at Watsons while waiting for him!

Note that I already passed the wet tissue I bought for Dann to him so it's not in the photo. hahaha..

Ok. That's all.
Gonna go pack my stuff now.

Good night everyone!

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