Sunday, 9 August 2009

Internet is back!!!

Yippe!!! Sorry everyone for not blogging for the past few days cause my wireless internest connection has gone gaga and only LAN connection was available to the desktop in my sister's room.

I'll be blogging another nail art tutorial on a manicure I did for myself 2 days ago while watching the Hong Kong Drama 王老虎抢亲 that my stepmom rent for my sister and I to watch before swapping with them for another Hong Kong Drama that's on snooker. It really has been quite some time since I last rented Hong Kong drama home to watch. Even the lady at the shop keep saying that I very long didn't go and rent vcd every time I go for the past few years ever since I started my poly life.

And soon I'm gonna be flying overseas to somewhere I've dreamt to go to ever since I was very very very young like what? 3 years old? And where is this place that I'll be going to on my birthday?

東京 TOKYO 东京 !!!


I really wanna go Disneyland!!!

I guess I'll bring my laptop over I suppose... Don't think I'm gonna buy many things so the amount of weight of this few KG can be spared to my lousy laptop. hahaha... Hopefully the place that we're gonna be staying has internet or should I say internet that I can use. =P

But even if I don't have internet connection there, I'll upload empty my memory card say every 1-2 days so to make sure that I have enough memory space in my SD card and of course charge my camera's battery every night so to be able to take lots of photos to share my first trip to Japan with all of you!!!

OK. That's gonna be all.
Gotta go edit the photos for the nail art tutorial coming up before I fly off to Japan this Thursday.

Good night everyone!

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