Friday, 21 August 2009

Back from Japan!

Hello everyone! I'm back from Japan and has yet to go to bed.
I was really happy to be back!
Like duh~ Home sweet home~!
But out of a sudden I feel a bit sad...
Maybe cos I don't have blue eyes and forgetful.
Or maybe to some people, I'm just lazy that's why I'm forgetful.

Oh well...
Anyway... I'm having a stomachache now.
So I can't really fall asleep.

Hai... I don't even have my pillow and blanket with me so I guess I just have to sleep just like that ba! Maybe grab one of my doraemon and use it as a pillow for the night.

Will update as soon as possible on my trip as much as possible cos I do have quite a number of photos with my dad.

Ok. That all for now.
For those going to bed, Good night!
For those who just woke up, Good morning!

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