Thursday, 13 August 2009


はい はい。
今日は 私の誕生日です。

I'm currently in my dad's house with my lappy. In the living room with my dad, stepmom and my stepmom's friend watching the hong kong drama that my stepmom rented the other day.

I'm already my birthday and I really had a great time at Ardorythmatics' practice just now cos Jo ordered a cake, Jae helped to collect it, and everyone celebrated an early birthday for me! Thank you everyone!!! Ok. I'm like so gonne get the photos from Jae and then post them up. Though it isn't alot, but it still is worth sharing.

I met Gerry today (or rather yesterday) afternoon before she went to work to pass me my birthday present that our batch, 06, and also the 07 batch shared for me.

Little Mermaid Thrilogy DVD!!!

*Gonna take it off my wishlist already! hahaha*

Really thank everyone!!! For the Little Mermaid DVD the 06 & 07 batch got for me, the Doraemon bedroom slippers the Uncle Xiang Min and Auntie Jo got for me *giggles* and of course the really sweet Precious Moments stuff that my dearest boyfriend, Dann, got for me!

*daddy's pulling my ears*

Ok. Gonna go "sleep" already.

Before I end, thanks Zhi Sen (1st), Jia Hui (2nd), and Jo(3rd) for sending me birthday wishes to my via sms and Samuel and Desmond via facebook!

Best wishes everyone!
May you all have a great day ahead!


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