Monday, 10 August 2009

Ocean Colour French Nails

Hello! It's time for another nail art design!!! And this time, I did not do the nail art on fake nails but on my very own hands myself! wahahaha!!!

Are you ready?

Step 1. The usual stuff -- File, shape your nails and buff them the way you like it!

Step 2. Apply a nice layer of base coat. Well, I do skip this step sometimes... =P

Step 3. Paint around half your nails with 2 nice layers of white.

The nice layers of white will help to bring out the other colours you put on later.

I used these 2 bottles of while nail polish to help me with the french line. Both bottles has a different type of brush.

Step 4. Paint on light shimmery turqoise.

You don't really have to be neat on this layer but just make sure the colour if nicely painted on.

I used Ettusais's limited ice cream 7 for this.
OK. I don't really know the series for this nail polish colour. So I just call it the ice cream series. =P

Step 5. Paint on darker blue-ish turqoise glittery nail polish on tip.

You may wanna paint more nearer to the tip for the 2nd layer which will give you this effect in the photo above.

I used Ettusais's ice cream 13 for this colour.

Step 6. Top your nail art with big glitter nail polish! *Bling!*

I just love my nail bling bling!!!

I used Ettusais's SV3 for my big glitter nail polish.

Step 7. Top your nails with your favourite shiny top coat of what-so-ever!!!

I used my new Ettusais's base & top coat as both base and coat top.
It's not really those super shiny kind I would say. Sally Hansen's ones are better. But! It's really easy to apply. So... It all depends on what are you looking for.

So after your nails are all dry (or almost dried), doing some minor cleaning up for the sides and stuff...

And there you have it!

Ocean Colour Tone's French Nail Art!!!

Isn't it simple to do???

OK. Many of my friends actually asked me and I think that many other people may also think the same way that is with like more than 6 layers of nail polish painted on, the nail layer will end up being very thick and stuff which will then be very harmful to your nails and etc etc... Well, I would say that if you apply a layer that is just nice enough for every layer, it wouldn't really that much of a problem. =)

Do feel free to check my other nail art/manicure related stuff on the sidebar under Naill Stuff or email me or leave a comment for any questions or anything! I'll reply as soon as possible to as much as I can.

Pretty up everyone!

Good night!

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