Thursday, 27 August 2009

My birthday surprise this 2009

OK. I'm still not done with my Japan trip photos but before I delay any further, here's a short post on my mini surprise birthday celebration this year.

On the 12 Aug, Wed, as usual we had natsu practice and I did went down even though I didn't really want to practice as I didn't wanna get my clothes all dirty and stuff.

I was like still wondering if I will actually have a birthday cake this year since my birthday will be spent over in Tokyo without my mom and sis and I seriously do not think that Dann will plan something similar as last year. Like so not creative lah~ LOL.

Guess what, I did have birthday cake this year! Aunite Jo ordered a hazelnut cake for me and Jae helped to collect it (I think) while we were having our natsu practice. And I was being "planned" somehow as Dann knew that I wouldn't leave without saying 'Goodbye' to him. Meow~

And yeah! I was really happy and I almost cried. Meow~

Ezzat popped by after work with Jae and Dann and the cake, too! And still, they were still trying to light up all the candles and maing sure they don't go off even till the point where the cake is right infront of me like last year!

*Make my precious 3 wishes*

*Blow out the candles!!!*

And as you (if you can) see from the photo, Merloin was there that day, too!
What a rare chance to see Merloin on a weekday lor~

*Oh me oh me he's booking out this weekend! Ah!!! (Happy)*

Once again, thank you everyone that wished me Happy Birthday be it via tag, facebook, sms! Thank you all so so so so much! Sorry I couldn't reply as I didn't have internet connection over there in the apartment in Tokyo and sms is like so expensive~

I'm really happy this birthday! Not tgat I'm not happy on my past birthdays but ya, I really am really happy this birthday and I was really really glad everytime I received an sms over in Japan! For once my phone kept ringing when I'm overseas! LOL!!!

Ok. That's all for now. Gonna go back to edit my Japan trip photos.

*photo taken by Jo*

Good night everyone!
Love ya!

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