Thursday, 23 July 2009

My first experience of Cosplaying

Yippe! Cosplay Arts Festival has finally come to an end (I think) and I've finally got to experience cosplaying. It's fun I would say! hahaha...

After performance and debriefing, Sok Hiang and I started playing with Ranka's froggies.

Hey~ I MADE the froggies my own okay~

Cosplaying is fun like I said earlier BUT! There's also pain to it.

Photo taken by Ban Theng last Sunday after official photoshoot.

As you can see from the photo above, my costume has the 2 ribbons on my wrist and 2 puffs on my arms. So to ensure that they do not drop or shift and stuff during performance, i stuck masking tape. It's the best BUT pain solution to the problem.

The results or sticking masking tape around your wrist and arms. Wait, it doesn't end here.

I thought that the marks and stuff will be gone by the time i get home and shower and stuff BUT NO THEY DIDN'T! (Or at least for my arms)

Photos taken after I got home after supper after checking my mails and doing some stuff reading SgCafe forum etc etc etc. I think I either have rashes or just that my skin is seriously hurt. Meow~

Ok. Will continue my unfinished post soon. Post on photoshoot will be gone after I finished that unfinished post. So sorry to all my readers.

By the way, if anyone of you went for the Cosplay Arts Festival just now, please give me your feedback as in overall! Thank you so so so so much! =)

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