Thursday, 16 July 2009

Missing begins...

Right now, this second, Dann and Steve should already be on the plane, in their seats, waiting for the plane to take or, or may have even taken off already, heading to Hong Kong. Sadded... For the past 2 years, it was always me that goes on a holiday and stuff with my family and I have not experienced the feeling of Dann being the one going overseas for hoilday. Well, my dear boyfriend and Steve will be going for 6 days and will only return on Wednesday, on CAF that day itself. Meow~

I'm already starting to miss my boyfriend already~ ='( sobz...

Hope that this 6 days can pass even faster! Meow~

Ok... I don't have time to think about such stuff also I guess. I have to go get my Japanese test results later, going shopping with Jess tomorrow, family day on Saturday, Ting's chalet on Saturday, whole day of photoshoot on Sunday, briefing for some stuff to attend to on Monday, whole day of rehearsal on Tuesday and lastly, CAF itself on Wednesday! ARGH~~~!!!

Photos' credits to ImMuze grabbed from his/her flickr account.

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