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Original posting time: 20 July 2009, 8.30pm

This is gonna be a post with photos that are not edited at all. Not even color. I only resized them. Why? Co's I'm super lazy now and main thing is that there just too many photos to blog up. There's like 158 photos?! And 119 photos are not Saturday?! There ain't many photos for yesterday cos many many stuff are still not allowed to be known to all as for now. Everything will be revealed after Wednesday. So if you wanna know anything before that, go watch this year's Cosplay Arts Festival! hahaha... Tickets are going fast! wahahaha

So on Saturday, I started out my day super early, waking up at 5am to prepare and stuff. It was family photo taking day and my dad wanted to go to Johor Bahru to take photos of the fisherman catching fish. Blah~

Early in the morning, trapped in the queue of the causeway. Meow~ Phot taken through the horrible, dirty car window. hahaha...

And me.. dozing off so I took out my (or rather Dann's) PSP and played my Vocaloid Miku game. hahaha...

After an hour plus of wait, finally we got on Malaysia's ground.

Camwhore while my dad drove to some wulu siket village, Pontian.

Yes I'm bored as you can see...

My sis and I in the car, "squeezing" in the back seat with Raymond. hahaha...

But all these were worth it to see such a wonderful sight of the sun rise

Nice right~?

We reached Pontian in around 45mins or so then my dad went to find his "Famous Pontian Wanton Mee". hahaha... After much search and asking of a very kind lady, we found that a famoud Wanton mee, Heng Heng Wanton Mee, BUT! It was not opened yet. We ended up having breakfast at a coffee shop that also has Wanton mee. I ate bao and it's super delicious! hahaha... Ok. I don't have photos of breakfast cos I was pretty lazy to take my camera out then. Busy eating ya? hahaha...

After breakfast, we left Pontian and went to Kukup. We sat the ferry to a fish farm.

My dad and Raymond busy taking photos.

The other tourist on the same ferry as us.

Another passenger on the ferry, a super big fly! LOL

Camwhore~ hahahaha

The view. Ah~

Everyone having fun with their cameras be it DSLR or just a compact Digi Cam.


The life on water

And my dad went nuts! hahaha

And here we are at fish farm!


These fish are smart! You place ikan bili on the wooden stick above them, they spit and make the ikan bili drop into the water then they go chiong and eat them up! Smart right?

Ever seen that a huge jelly fish right before your eyes before? I did! hahaha

Eeeee.. What's that?!

It's a baby shark! Gross~

Stingray anyone?

Puffer fishy! hahaha... It super cute lah!

And the skeleton of it. XP

There was supposed to be seahorses but they ran away. So sadded... =(

Doggies at the fishy farm.

And the Dog magnet. hahaha

The fisherman trying to find us some special fish but they're gone~ ='(

Sorry people, I fell asleep at this point of time while blogging and continuing this post on the 24 July 2009, 2.28am.

After around 20mins looking around the fish farm, it was time for us to leave. We took a different ferry this time, a smaller one in fact.

See my dad so shuai. =X

Once again, camwhore. XP

My silly sister and everyone else looking at her?

So we headed back to the "jetty" and guess what I saw?

What's that they were pouring from bags after bags into the small boats?

I'm not sure if you can see clearly from the photo but it's all fish's heads! Mostly small fish's heads!

And there goes the heads back to the sea I suppose to be fed to other fish?

We then found a place and sat down to get a drink

He has like tons of my unglam photos lah! (ok, not THAT much)

The best drink of the day -- 100 PLUS!

We drove to a durain plantation area BUT there wasn't any durains that time.

The signs ans stuff. I find that village (I think) very interesting cause you will see huge figurings of the food, mostly fruits, that that area is famous for along the road. hahaha... I was just too lazy to take photo of every single one. So sorry...

Next was lunch!

We went to this seafood resturant at some wulu place

Fresh seafood


Small crayfish

The view from the resturant

Food photo taking time!

My dad didn't wanna lose out to us 3 "children" so he decided to stop eating for awhile and take photos, too.

Ikan Bili Fried Rice

Fried Sotong (Squid)



Prawn steamed with egg white

Thai Chicken

And that's all! Time to eat!

Rain rain to cool the weather down

Cute doggy at the resturant. We all call it a rug. LOL

Pretty Iguana

Yippe! After lunch~

See clearly how the people actually parked their cars on the other side!

TADA!!! Amazing~ LOL

Fishy dragged to the resturant

And back on the car again.

My sis and I

My pirate ice cream I got from the petrol station


And it's disfigured! Wahahahah!!!

Anyway.. it taste nice alright. It's strawberry and chocolate flavoured. Yum~

Me happily eating away while waiting for the car to be washed

I have no idea what the print on the ice cream stick for. Anyway, no matter what I don't think I get to get any prize right? If it's in Singapore I'll still keep it. So I just take photo then throw the stick away. hahaha

And yes, everyone else was waiting for the cleaned car too

Candid. Muaahahahaha

Washy washy car car!

After the car wash, we headed back to Singapore where I had a really bad stomachache. hai... So I got home first instead meeting Jess directly outside before going to Ting's birthday chalet.

I met Jess at City Hall mrt station before heading down to Pasir Ris together. It is really great to have a good friend like her. I don't know why but we always have like plenty of stuff to talk about. Wahahaha!

OK. I don't really have much to blog about on the chalet cos I really feel that it's really a great time to get to see and catch up with everyone in my class. Though not everyone came, but I really had a great time with everyone there. The only sadded thing was that it rained. =(

I grabbed some photos from Ting's facebook photo album and not I shall just let the photos do the blogging for that night.

*Look at Jeremy!*

Huge birthday cake! *I want one too!*

Still Thinking

And as usual, Eugenia was late. Arron was supposed to be there after I left. Not sure if he actually did go or not.

Anyway, Happy Birthday Ting!

On Sunday, it was a busy day. It was the day for official outdoor photoshoot for this year's Cosplay Arts Festival. I met Zhi Sen and Ban Theng at the MRT station before heading to the National Museum to wait for Jo. There we also met 2 photographers. hahaha... Once Jo reached, we met up with the other cosplayers and I quickly got ready in my costume and get prepared for photoshoot. I was really excited as one of my favourite photographers is one of our official photographer for this year's CAF. Usagi-san!!! hahaha...

Photos taken during the photoshoot itself will be post up in a seperate post. =)

After the photoshoot, we went siao taking photos and stuff. Everyone in camwhore mood. hahaha...

Jo and BT.

OK. There's similar photos of me, eileen and one of the cosplayer. Hmm... still deciding should I post ot up or not. LOL

Ban Theng and Jo started taking 暧昧 photos!

Jo looked kinda scary~

Even they themselves also cannot tahan liao~

And CUT! Back to normal!


And BT had a fashion photoshoot himself with photos taken by Fook Yu!

The photographers! There's another 3 more photographers still taking outdoor photos of other cosplayers at that time. =P

And here's Zhi Sen with his forever-never-changing-pose

Me: "Change a pose lah you! Forever the same one leh~"

ZS: "Then do what? I don't know what pose to do!"

BT passes hat

Me: "Mario!"

Jo and ZS

After the photoshoot and packing and stuff, we went over to TCC at Park Lane Mall

The W980 unite!

I see hungry people~

BT's virgin attempt to eat pasta!

ZS taking photo of his pasta!

Food! Dig in!

Silly CAT!

My oreo milkshake

Merloin's desserts!

After dinner, we went for a short time of pool before heading home. I headed to Dann's place that night to help him do some stuff. Yes I know he's not in Singapore but things have to be done. Hai... Oh well, At leadt I have a comfy bed to sleep in for one night!

Monday evening, I went to PUMA's office for a briefing for their upcoming bloggers campaign. I got to meet other new bloggers and of course some that I already know like Claudia, Diana and Nadia. Ok. I guess Nadia finally remembers me after meeting for like 3 times? =p I also met bloggers like Jayden, Elson and Lawrence and more. Sorry I didn't link their names to their blogs for now as I am pretty lazy currently. It's almost 3.30am already!

Anway, I'm really glad to even be shortlisted for this exciting campaign which I really hope to be part of it! Seriously, I LOVE PUMA's LIFESTYLE ITEMS!!!

Just look at this dress! I wore it that evening alright. I wore it out like many many many times already. So many times that Dann always complain and say that as if I have nothing else to wear. I love it really really lots and guess what? It's PUMA!

No faking okay? C'mon! How many of you actually could think that it's PUMA? hahaha... And that dress I wore to Arron Kwok's concert was also PUMA! haha.. LOVE THEIR CLOTHES! wahahaha

Anyway, back to the briefing. So after the briefing anf stuff, we were all each given a goodie bag!

TADA!!! There's a cap, running shoe keychain and a 可愛い PUMA plushie!!!

SEE!!! PUMA PLUSHIE!!! So cute right?!

Envy me envy me! I know you want this plushie too! wahahahaha!!!

OKAY. That's gonna be all for now. Gotta go sleep already.
Good night everyone! Sleep tight and sweet dreams!

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