Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Cozycot's workshop
NDP09 Rehearsal

Yeah! Last Saturday I finally got to spend some time with Gerry!

We first meet around noon for lunch for my favourite Tom Yam fish noodles together with Dann for about an hour before I rushed down to Bugis for my very first Cozycot's workshop! Sorry I didn't take any photos of my lunch cause I just can't wait to get my hands on it and lead them all into my tummy! *heehee...*

So like I've said, I rushed down to Bugis for my workshop shortly after lunch whereas Dann and Gerry went to City Hall area to hang out.

So I got to the workshop venue on time but in the end we still have to wait even though it states that the workshop will start on time and stuff.

Oh well, it's alright cause they had a number of this wonderful USqueeze Pro massager by OSIM in the room for us to use.

So yes, I enjoyed my wonderful massage while waiting for latecomers to arrive. Wahahaha...

It's goooooood man~ Consider getting it after I start working? Oh well.. see how lah. For the time being, go Ban Theng's house to use it! hahaha... That guy got it for his mom on mother's day! So filial right?

Slowly the crowd came in while I was relaxing my legs/foot with that USqueeze Pro

As you can see, the age group of the Cozycot community is really wide. There's like young adults aged 20 like me to aunties around 50s(? or even older)

OKAY. The whole workshop everything you need to know about your feet and even the shoes you're wearing and stuff. First up, we had a talk by the speaker of Kiwi from Sara Lee. Yes, Sara Lee. It's not just the cake. Sara Lee is actually a house hold brand. And Kiwi and brands like Ami Pur etc is also under Sara Lee.

We were introduced this new item of Kiwi, Soft Ins, which has really 可愛い design insoles print for your lovely shoes! Not only heels okay?

I chose this cool Zebra print insoles to match with my violet gladiators!

And we got to try it on the spot too!

Before (Left) and After (Right)

Tada! It's really easy to use. All you have to do is to firstly measure to fit the insoles to your heels, cut off any excess if needed, peel of the plastic sheet and stick the pretty insoles in!

No worries as it will NOT damage your beloved heels, sandals, slippers, shoes, anything! You can use it on any footwer you like!

Kiwi Soft Ins Insoles are made about size 5-6. You don't have to put the whole insole in. Use your creativity!

We had a little competition during that hands-on time and the lady that won "Most Creative" award actually cut out the flowers only of the flower print insoles she chose on sticked them into her snickers!

Well, for me, I won the "Most Fashionable" award! And our prize is this!

This Well-Being Music Sound Track Player by OSIM worth $59 that has preloaded music that will help you relax your mind which will then help you sleep better at night.

Well, it came just in time cause I have been having a hard time sleeping for the past 2 weeks?

After the talk from Kiwi, we had a talk from OSIM which seriously let me know how much have I been torturing my poor feet for the past 2 years?

*Oh you poor thing~~~*

And at the end of the whole workshop, there's always a goodies bag from Cozycot and the various sponsors like Sara Lee, OSIM, TOUCHE, Heatwave, Seventeen and etc etc.

Just too much to name individually but I am really glad that there's a gift certificate for massage for 2 at only $60 on top of the free stuff I'll get! Shall use it after I get my first pay after getting a job or at least before expiry date! =p

So after the workshop, I went to Marina Square to meet Dann and Gerry. Gerry caught me a Domo-kun plush. heehee...


*Photo of Domo-kun shall be uploaded here*

We then went to go and find Merloin to get the tickets for the Nation Day Parade Rehearsal! Yippe! Seriously it is my first time watching NDP live! Yayaya.. I know everyone should by right have went at least once during their primary school days but I didn't go then due to some reasons which I have already forgotten what is it. =p So ya! It's my first time watching and I watched it with Dann after he promise me to try to get the tickets to NDP back in 2007 before we officially got together. hahaha...

Snapped a photo of Gerry and I before we tried to figure out how to meet Dann how was over the other side of the road already. He has long legs. I have short legs. Sad but I just have to admit it. Meow~

Anyway, after many complications and stuff, I finally made it over the other side of the road to meet Dann and Gerry left as she had some things on that evening too.

Note to people who are going for NDP this year, GO EARLY! And just use Marina Square as your so-called entrance to the parade. It will save you LOTS and LOTS of trouble.

OK. So after we collected my goodie bags and blah blah blah, we finally got to sit down and enjoy the wind on the freaking hot weather!

The stage for this year's NDP.

OK. There will be lesser text for this point onwards. I shall let the photos do the blogging. =)

Dann looking through the goodie bags

Photo taken by someone with short arms

Photo taken by someone with long arms

And the parade begins!

And just before you knew it, Gurmit dropped his mic!

Why is everyone looking up?

Can you see what's in the photo?

They are STILL looking up!

It's the JUMPERS!

Successful landing for ALL!!!

HURRAY!!! *Claps*

The choir

Subsitudes~ LOL

Dann was enjoying himself, being entertained by I-forgot-what-was-it. =p

Singa Lion is ALIVE!!!

The stage looks familar... like the one in Arron Kwok's concert!
My post on Arron Kwok's concert here.

Finale and next is what all is waiting for...

FIREWORKS!!! See that heart shaped one? Nice right?!

Happy (early) 44th Birthday Singapore!!!

And here's what's in the goodie bag! The bag can actually be converted into a tote bag. heehee...

Ok. That's all for today!
Next post shall be the making of my custard puddings!

Good night everyone!
Sweet dreams!

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