Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Good morning!

明日 今年の CAFが ありますから 今日も 忙しいです。 
明日 私の彼氏も 帰るよ。 すごく嬉しいです。


OK. Good morning everyone! I'm so sorry but this post here is supposed to be a long post covering my weekend and a little of yesterday BUT I totally fell asleep while blogging last night. Arg~ So I'm so sorry but this post is just gonna be words. Seriously, I just woke up like 5 mins ago and brushed my teeth and prepared my costume for tomorrow and rehearsal later on. Go anyone in school wanna have lunch? hahaha... OK. Last minute and who on earth reads my blog hourly? No lor~ hahahaha... I'll just grab some snacks which I can eat along the way I guess. No I'm not sick. But due to performance tomorrow evening, I have to be selective of my food for the next 36 hours? hahaha...

Loving you all my readers!

Have a great day ahead!

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