Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Mentally Tired.

Hi everyone! Sorry for the lack of updates recently as I'm really busy for the past week and so is this and next week due to upcoming performance next week. Busy settling my costume and stuff, practising like mad every day when I reach home. And soon there will be rehearsals and also photoshoot and stuff. Busy busy arh...

I finally have some time to bling my phone after getting my blings just now while shopping for misc stuff for my costume. I just spent like more than 4 hours to bling my phone! hahaha.. Having quite a headache now due to me constantly bending down to put on the blings and stuff in my dim-light room on my small coffee table smelling the craft glue like nobody's business! hahaha... But oh well, all these is worth if for my one and only phone! It's like my first time using those non-sticker kind of blings so I really had to hard time in the beginning to handle the blings properly.

I shall post photos and other stuff up on Thursday night after I come home after getting my Japanese test's results! hahaha... Sure pass I know. The question is, how well did I fair?

OK. That's gonna be all for now.
I shall really rest cos my head's really cracking already!
hahaha... Joking. not till THAT extend YET.

Good night everyone!
Sweet Dreams!

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