Friday, 24 July 2009


Argh~ My legs are freaking tired!!! Cramp~! Numb~! I can't feel my legs! Argh~! I totally spent a whole day out lah!

I woke up early in the morning and went down to PUMA for their sample sales. I didn't blog about this sales they were holding today cause it's only opened to the media. They're gonna have 2 days opened to the public this coming week. Not to sure of the days. If not wrong is Thursday and Friday? I'm not very very sure. I'm still trying to search for info on the web or something so to be able to share this joy of shopping at sample sales with everyone! Or at least YOU cos YOU read my blog! A way to thank you? heehee...

So I met Dann of the bus there. We had a simple breakfast first going to the office as we were early. But then again, someone was earlier than me. When I reached the office, I saw Diana shopping already lor~ hahaha... I also met Claudia when Dann and I were about to make our payment. Nya~ I didn't buy alot of things. LOVE the shoes but saddly my feet are just too small for sample sized shoes. They are all UK4.5 for womens shoes and UK8 for mens? haiz... Dann and I, one feet too big one feet too small. hahaha... Some are really really pretty lor~ If you know when is the public sample sales, you SO MUST go down!

Anyway, so here are the items that Dann bought after lots and lots of serious consideration.

One super cool Jacket (Can be worn in 2 different ways)

One Ferrari Polo T

One Ferrari Sweater

And as for me, here are my stuff!

This cute hot pink top that I got my eyes on after the briefing on Monday

And this super nice bag! hahaha... My best 战利品 of the day!

After leaving PUMA, we went to Toa Payoh Central for lunch before I head down to Far East Plaza for work. Ya... I worked okay~ I worked at a Korean Clothes shop today, La Luce, most of the time today. My legs are breaking already. I surrender. I can walk for long but not stand for long. At least at Swensen's I have plenty of room for me to walk around. So I guess my job at the fashion boutique ends here. Gonna call tomorrow and tell them that I'm quitting. Start job hunting again!

Ok. That shall be all. Too lazy to go any further. hahaha... And I need to do some seriously preparation for my Cosplay photoshoot post. hahaha..

See you all again everyone!
Good night!

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