Tuesday, 29 December 2009

Hoping for the best for the new year!

Ok... I just took down my previous post. So if you saw it, you saw it. If not, then too bad. If you would to read it, email me and I may consider sending you.

Anyway... dinner last night with Diana, Claudia, Weijie and Meldric was great!

Really am glad to get to know and made friends with many bloggers this year through various events and outings. Thank you! Be it from where did I got all these opportunities from, THANK YOU! really hope that everyone will still stick together and continue this friendship of ours!

It's been the 3th day, continuously, that I bumped into a KCPian.
Sunday was Fang Ling (still used to calling her Fang ling instead of Eileen) at AMK Hub when Dann and I went for movie,
yesterday, Monday, was CK at Sakae during dinner,
and today, Tuesday, Darren when I was on my way to meet Dann, Xiang Min, Ezzat and Gerry after work!

hahaha... Who's next tomorrow? Will I get to bump into any other KCPian? At bugis? Or a party? I don't know... Maybe some of my other friends became famous bloggers and I get to meet them through a bloggers' party tomorrow? hahaha...

Well, I really don't know. And as what I know, none of my other Secondary School friends are taking blogging "seriously". Many only update their blog like... once a month? No no no... correction, once a few months!

Anyway... here's your last chance to get your FREE pair of tickets to Sentosa's Desperados ride! Click here to find out more!

Peace out everyone! See you, whoever I get to see at the party tomorrow!
hahaha.. sadly Nadia and Jayden are in Bangkok... meow~

Cheers & Sweet Dreams!

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