Thursday, 10 December 2009

Life of a Cowgirl


Have you ever thought of how your life would be like if you're a Cowgirl? or rather Cowboy for the guys out here...

I was just searching for photos of me dressed up as a cowgirl last December but sadly, I found 0! *sian...*


So what will I wanna do if I am a cowgirl?

Well, firstly, I guess it will be pretty cool to have a country accent!
How-di y'all~

I'll know how to ride a horse! It's like a total must for cowgirls/cowboys isn't it?! And YEAH! I'll have my very own horse to ride on! I'll name my horse... "Prince" be it a female or male horse! hahaha... Hopefully I get a white horse~ =P

I'll be riding on my "Prince" all over the island, singing my favorite country songs! Songs by Taylor Swift, Bill Ray Cyrus and of course Shania Twain!!!
I'm actually someone that likes country music quite a lot. LOL

Not forgetting dance! I love dancing and the square dance is super duper fun! I'll get all my other cowgirl/cowboy friends, and even friends that are not
cowgirl/cowboy to join in the fun!

It may seem simple but trust me, dance that dance for 10 times straight sure is tiring, too!

And of course! Don't anyone dare to mess with this Leo! Hump! I'll be armed with my guns and bullets wherever I go and if you're stepping on my tail, I'm gonna shoot you down!

*Cowboy music plays~*


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