Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Are You Being Served?
Mission Plan


Hello!!! OK. I think it's always quite a headache for ladies whenever you wanna find a a good place for your manicure and pedicure to be done!

ニャ~ 今度どこに良く行ってね~
Where oh where should I go???

Like for me, it can't be too expensive as I do not earn like a few thousands dollars a month to allow to me spend that kind of money.
Secondly, they MUST do a good job. (like duh~)
Third, GOOD SERVICE!!! I wouldn't wanna go somewhere even if they charge at a low rate and do a alright job with lousy service! I would rather pay slightly more for somewhere with much better services!

You give me bad service and I'll never go back again even if a thousand and one other people come and tell me that the place is good.

In conjunction to Are You Being Served?, I'm gonna reckon a place where you feel like a somebody instead of a nobody when you go there to get your precious nails done!

Mission details: I'll first call up and ask for pricing for their services. With an intention of trying to get my nails extended, I'll ask more details on different kind of nail extensions, what kind of extensions they offer and what's the difference between all the different kind of nail extensions. This will show how much does the manicurist know about different nail services and also how patient she is to attending to a customer even over the phone. On the day of my appointment, I will then go there without much idea of what else would I want to do for my nails except getting them extended. I will then ask for recommendations from the manicurist. After a few recommendations, I'll be frequent-minded and just couldn't get my decision made for quite some time. If the manicurist is paitent enough, she would not be giving me a bad face and still continue doing her job well.

Service skill to test: Product & service knowledge and patience

I'm gonna find a place that makes you SMILE like me!

to be continued...

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