Saturday, 26 December 2009

Crazy Trix

My Christmas started great and ended super badly.

All of that stupid freaking doll should be burnt and Singapore should ban it!

Now that my very own cousin has it and has it in the room on the bed, I'll never go to my cousin's house!

Over my dead body!!!

Super scared now... I'm like crying and crying non-stop. I know this seems really super stupid cos it isn't in my house and not as if I go to cousin's house every other day but still!

Like the whole house knows that I super duper uper terrified by that freaking doll and my mom can always put on a smile and tell all sorts of thing about and she even once said that if she sees that thing in Singapore, she'll buy one of it! Which we DID saw that freaking doll like years ago when my mom and I went shopping at Bugis Junction (when Bugis Junction just opened) and she went to the shop and asked how much is it for that freaking doll! Thankfully that doll was just for display only!!!

There's always a reason why I seriously choose where do I bring my mom to whenever we go out. I make sure that she will never ever get to see that freaking doll anywhere in any shops in Singapore!

I think if that freaking doll my cousin bought does not cost over $90, she may just get one without remembering that this daughter of hers would rather die than to see that freaking doll!

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