Friday, 18 December 2009

A bad month~

This month has been a bad month for many people.

I have friends whose grandparents passed away. Note oh~ There's an "S" behind friends.

I have friends that has problems with their relationship and I've also read some blogs where some other bloggers also has problems with their relationship.

Well, I don't know how to place myself under.

My Aunite got admitted to hospital, my dad injured himself when he was working in Turkey last week, and I'm having a bad time ever since last week. You may see me smiling and laughing my heads of at events or gatherings. But no one actually know that I'm crying every night at room when I'm all alone in my room.

I hate Decembers.

Hope that everyone else will get better and cheer up!
Hope that all bad stuff will go away.
Hope that everyone will stay healthy.
My Aunite to get better, my dad will be able to see a doctor asap.

God bless everyone~

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