Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Long weekend

2 weeks ago was a long weekend for everyone with public holiday on a Friday! ahahah...

Camwhore while waiting for bus at the bus stop.

Dann and I were supposed to go to Sentosa with Merloin, Jo, Xm and Wendy.

Here's the sight we saw when we were about to enter Sentosa which seriously made us change our minds.

*You should know which 2 types of people am I referring to*

So we changed our minds and went to eat ice cream first while deciding what else to do instead.

Boyfriend and I changed hats/caps


And here's the ice cream that Wendy and I shared!

Before and after the mango sauce was poured.

Seriously.. the service there was super duper bad lah~

They themselves made a mistake in the order and like blamed it on us!

And there's Merloin waiting for his CORRECT order to arrive

After eating ice cream, we then decided to go to Xm's house to play Wii!

Ok... The guys didn't play alright~ They went to play basketball for a while before it rained and ended up watching videos on YouTube after returning back to Xm's house.

After about an hour of wii and youtube -ing, all of us went out again to Clarke Quay where we met up with OZ, Emily and Zhen Hao.

We went to our usual place for oishii ramen!

Service was super bad that night! We actually had like 3 cups of water changed because there were unidentified objects in those cups out of a total of 9 cups?! And etc etc... WHAT'S WRONG WITH EVERYONE'S THAT WORKING THAT DAY SIA~?!

Waited super long for our food and Merloin was so bored he ended up trying to break the chopsticks with his mouth. It's possible okay~ Dann almost did it but he stopped as he still had to use those chopsticks to eat later on.

And after a looooooong wait, our food was finally served!


XM and his +1s. LOL

Merloin and Wendy

Dann was busy eating already so I did not disturb him. =P

My ramen!!!

I just LOVE hiyashi ramen! Many think that only vegetarian eats that. No! There's meat and egg okay~


Actually nothing much happened on Saturday... =P

I went to school in the afternoon to help JMD and silly me left my mobile on the table before I left. So I walked all the way back while Ting ting was rushing, running like mad to chase after me to pass me my phone. Silly lah~ I walked all the way back then still have to wait for her to come back. But still, THANK YOU TING TING!

After that, I went to town to meet up with Dann.

We pulled a prank on Yvonne at Kinokuniya and he expression was just simply priceless! LOL

Ok... Many of us went to watch movie together that night. Lazy to name already... Plus I'm at work sia~ =P

My pasta from pasta mania. Alright lah~ Pretty spicy. =P

We went to watch Ninja Assassin that night! ahahaha...
Nice movie lah~ Just a bit gore for me.
Oh wait! No no no...

It's Ji-Hung Joon!


Every time I say Rain's real name, Dann will laugh. He say that I make it sounds like chee chong fan. =D

Sunday was a relax day. Went to XM's house to watch movie with Dann & OZ and played a little on the PS3. Played Street Fighter with Dann.


I'm P2, which is the Ryu and Ken that WON!!! LOL...

I won both Dann and Xm!!! LOL. OK... There's a catch alright~ They played with only 1 star handicap. =P

Anyway... I still win. So I'm happy with that!

OK... That's all for now.
Will post hair tutorial video by tomorrow night.
Stay tune oh~

Have a nice day ahead!

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