Monday, 19 November 2012

Ultimate Collagen Goodness!

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Hihi everyone!!!

So! If you have noticed, many many products nowadays focus on collagen and stuff.
Even candies! Many Japanese gummies nowdays contains collagen, too!

Collagen is not only important to keep our skin's elascity up up, collagen is also need for repair of our body parts.

I've mentioned before that yes we can get natural collagen from food we eat like fish skin and chicken skin. However, I know many people actually DO NOT them all this skin skin stuff!

Like whenever I'm out with my friends, I'm probably the only one eating the skin of the fish we're having! Salmon for japanese cusine, or even chinese styled steam fish!

And as for chicken skin, I know many people, especially girls, do not like to eat them because it's fattening.

So where are you gonna get collagen from?

And even if you do eat them, like me, it is still not enough!

It may be enough to help only the repair of our body tissues daily, but it wouldn't be enough to help keep our skin condition up up!

This is when we need to take in extra collagen!

And here I have with me a new collagen product from Korea --
Ultimate Colla-gen Plus!

It's not just collagen, this new collagen supplement offers 7 BioActive, BioDiversified, Balanced blend of Nano-sized multi-nutriend benefits all in one!

DO YOU KNOW that collagen supplement not only nurtures your skin but also your hair and nails!

Each sachet of Ultimate Colla-gen contains:

1. Nano-sized Collagen
2. Probiotic
3. Vitamin C
4. Hyaluronic Acid
5. Fruit Extract
6. Acai Berries
7. Silica

DO YOU KNOW that you have to take Vitamin C, too, when you take collagen so that you can get absorb it well?

Well! Not to worry cos *look up at point 3* Vitamin C is already included in each sachet!

And also, each sachet of Ultimate Colla-gen only has 37.24 kcal of calories! I'm sure you can afford this small amount without being worried of putting on weight!

Frankly speaking, I personally am very afraid of taking unflavoured collagen products cos I've tasted one before and it taste HORRIBLE!

But guess what!

Although Ultimate Colla-gen does not comes in flavours and stuff, it actually taste good cos Ultimate Colla-gen is sweetened with Xylitol!

It's recommended for you to mix one sachet with cool water or juice.

But for me, I like to add a sachet of Ultimate Colla-gen to my unsweetened drinks like tea or something.
This way, my drink will still be sweet because of the xylitol in the collagen!

Stay young and pretty, remember to take your collagen!

XOXO Tsuriki

** Ultimate Colla-gen Plus is a Halal product of Korea.

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