Thursday, 8 November 2012

Hong Kong Trip 2012 - Day 6


Hi everyone!

Ok. Back blogging on my Hong Kong trip!
Yes, I still have not finished blogging about this whole trip!

But! It's soon ending!
Which means I will soon be giving away the special Fairy Tale Hello Kitty!

So day 6, we all woke up early that morning as we were meeting our friend Jaeson for Dim Sum!

My super slack outfit of the day

It sure had been a long time since I saw last him ever since he moved back to Hong Kong.

And here's our anxious Itsuki who seriously couldn't wait to finish his food as we were heading back all the way to the Official AKB Shop in Hong Kong before he and Daniel catch their flight back to Singapore which was in just a few hours' time!

Ok. I must admit that I got lazy naming all the different Dim Sum.
They are mostly the usuals.

So.. ya! Just look at the photos and drool, okay? LOL


So after our breakfast, we headed to the AKB Shop in which I only managed to snap this blur shot.

I'm sorry. No photography allowed.

Satisfied Itsuki with the AKB Shop sign!

So after AKB shop, Jaeson had to head back to work, Itsuki and Daniel headed back to their hotel to get their luggage and head to the airport.

As for me and my bf, we headed back to our hotel to get a nap before heading out to meet Fook Yu who just flew back to Hong Kong the day before in the afternoon.

We went for a little shopping before settling down that a Japanese restuarant for buffet dinner.

Yeah my caramel corn!

Help Tiphanie got her Korilakkuma masks from Watsons

Gosh was I tempted to get Rilakkuma, Korilkkuma and Kiirotori masks for myself!
They are just super cute!!!

But no, I didn't. Thinking of the amount of masks I have at home...

Ok. Back to food.

Their menu.

My trying-to-be-funny bf squeezed his wasabi into the shape of poop.

Ya~ very funny~

Our pathetic sashimi.

Apparently when you state "1" on the paper, they only serve you 1 slice of sashimi.

But when we wrote "10", only 5 came. Hmmm...
Unfair treament!
Why the coupl beside us got so much sashimi!

There were only 2 of them, but 3 of us!


Pathetic prawn tempura

Our random sushi

Seriously, which is Tofu and which is my cream puff?!

And correction, it's ICED cream puff!

Fook Yu seriously was not joking. She used quite an amount of strength trying to split the cream puff to take photo.

Oki! That's all for this post!

See you soon!

XOXO Tsuriki

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