Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Sleepy head Tsuriki

Hi everyone!

Ok.. I'm actually blogging at work now.

Doing something with my hands to keep myself awake till my work ends in 20+ mins' time!

*Random photo I found in my photo album where I upload all the photos I use on my blog*

I must say I am SUPER tired now.

The night before I only slept for like 5 hours?

And last night I slept for like only 2 hours I guess!

That means I slept about 4-5am this morning and had to wake up around 7am for work as I have training session to attend this morning.

So ya, technically speaking I worked from 9am to 10pm today.

Gosh am I sleepy now!

I'm sure I will sleep well tonight alright.
I can even sleep while standing now!!!


That's all for now.
I'll be back blogging soon!

XOXO Tsuriki

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