Friday, 23 November 2012

Random: Work life

Random Daily Stuff

Hi everyone!

Ok~ I know I do not blog about my work (almost at all) and many people have been asking me where do I work and stuff like that.

Well.. No I will not annouce where am I working at.
If you see me at my workplace, I will not deny working there.

So yup!

My normal work makeup-look recently.

I've been getting really tired as I'm busy with work and etc etc etc.
Even most of my off-dayas from work are spent on events and stuff.
Rarely do I even have the chance to sleep in!

So yes! I just skip putting on falsies when I go to work unless I woke up early and am super in the mood that day.

Just like a few weeks ago! I did proper Gyaru make! LOL

Photo taken with Jezemine!

And these few days, I've started posting photos on again!

Oh ya! If you have an account on, follow me!!!
My username is Tsuriki! Heehee~

Just me and Jezemine

Add on Shu Zhen

Add on Shirley today!

*Oki. The .gif today was not saved properly thus not making any sense*

I just wanna say I'm really glad doing what I'm doing now, working at my workplace now even though many of my relatives seriously do not like me working here, even my dad.

But as or current, I really treasure all my colleagues and I must say that I am working very happily with (almost) everyone!

*ahem* There's always someone somewhere everyone dislikes so yup, it's a norm.

BUT! Those people are not gonna affect me cos I don't work with them often!

Oki! That's all for now!

Have a great weekend ahead!

XOXO Tsuriki

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