Friday, 9 November 2012

Bewitches & Bedazzles with KATE A/W 2012

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Hihi everyone!

I received this package from KATE a few weeks ago!

If you have been reading and watching my videos long enough, you would realise that I actually am quite a big fan of KATE products.

Like whenever any of my friends or family were to go Japan and ask me what I want, I will defintely shouted out and say "KATE! KATE EYESHADOW (or any latest products)!!!"

So yes! These are some of the new products of KATE this Autumn Winter that were sent to me for review!

Mad happy me!

First up!
KATE Powderless Liquid Foundation
Retail price: $34.00

It's a pump bottle, super convinent!

This product is available in 6 varying skin tones so you can defintely find one that matches your skin tone!

This is their Star Product! And after using it, I understand why.

This new liquid foundation actually turns in powder within 15 seconds of application!

I really like that it's light but yet has really good coverage! And as the volatile oil in the ingredient vaporises instantly after application, the foundation is actually left matt without any oily or sticky feeling!

This way, you can actually skip the step of loose powder after it!

Save time, great for people like me that are ALWAYS rushing for time!

Next! KATE Slim Create Powder
Retail price: $27.00

This 2-in-1 set has both shading and highlight powder which is super convenient for people who wants a oval-faced perfection like Gyarus!!!

You can also contour and highlight your nose to create a sharper, higher nosebridge!

Now eyeshadow! My all-time favourite product of KATE!
KATE Deep Shiny Eyes
Retail price: $23.50

The palette KATE sent me is in PK-1 shade

This new eyeshadow palette is Deep Night-themed shades that are formulates with a special "Black Star Pearl" that helps to coat the deep colour pigments with shine!

Just 3 easy steps, you'll be able to achieve a cool and edgy look!

Now who said Pink is a definte sweetness?

Lastly, KATE Limited Colour Super Sharp Liner
Retail price: $17.00

Shade: RD-1

This eyeliner is super thin and is currently the thinnest in Japan's market!

This eyeliner has a water-repellent liquid which ensures delicate lines drawn remain smudge-proof!

Get the glamorous cat-like eyes with red curly eye lines!

You can followed by coating your mascara or put on falsies if you want to.

But for me, I think this is good enough for a simple day out!

Great and simple look to wear out for work, school or just relax shopping day out!

And if you were to ask me what will I recommend?

Defintely the Powderless Liquid Foundation!

Not forgetting, EYESHADOW!!! I just can't get enough of KATE eyeshadow!!!

Now you can get the same look as me!

Head down to your nearest KATE counters now!
Available at Watson's, too!

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