Thursday, 1 November 2012

Jcosmeland Carnival ~ ♪

Gyaru Event


Thanks to Watsons and Mandom, Singapore very second Gyaru event was held at Cineleisure K Union, presenting to you Jcosmeland Carnival!

And here's me camwhoring on the cab while I was on my way, stuck in a jam early that morning!

Makeup of the day:
Upper Lash - Decorative Lash Play Sexy #1
Lower Lash - Melliesh No. 5

It seems like this is my favourite combination for upper and lower lashes recently.
Cool, but with a little bit of cuteness!

Photo booth and almost life-size Tsubasa to take photo with!

Gosh was I super late that morning!

So upon reaching the venue proper, I quickly set up my booth with the help of my Bimbo Buddy Himeko!

My booth of the day!

I must say I was very thankful to have the biggest booth space if not I sure wouldn't have enough space to display all the items that are for sale that day!

Accessories and bags table!
Ok. Plus a set of Yukata.


I still have quite a lot of items left from the flea including the Yukata and obi set that is going for $20 only!

So if you are interested in any items, please contact me!
Prices $10-$15 for clothes, accessories from as low as $2!

Neko-mimi Gold Bling Headband still available at $10 only!
Note, it's brand new!

So please email me at if you are interested in any things!

Back to the event itself!

I had a really really great time and many of my friends and colleagues actually came down to support me, too!

With Sherrill and Tsu-cyan!

Jezemine came to support, too!!!

Big-head shot with Sherrill

Boy am I forever jealous of her dimples!
I want dimples, too!!!

With Jezemine!
Photos grabbed from Jez's Facebook. Heehee~

Not forgetting blogger friends!

With Yui!!!
She glad she was able to make it even for just a short while as she's super packed with stuff recently.


Please share with me your tofu diet tips, too!

With Fenny who dropped by during her work!

Hope you like the Neko-mimi hat!

With Denise! Or rather known as CutePetz?

And of course, a photo with our Emcee of the day, Kelly!

But all in all, I wouldn't be able to raise much money for my new phone without the help of all of you, my readers who came to support me!!! (★^O^★)

Pon Pon Pon! ❤
The lucky one who managed to buy my Limited Edition Kyary Pamyu Pamyu Tee!


With Danicia ❤

With Calista ❤

Throughout the event, we also had a Gyaru search!
A search for the Top 10 best dressed Gyaru of the day!

Group shot with all the bloggers and top 10 Gyarus!

アゲポヨ~↑ ヾ(@^∇^@)ノ

After the event, it was time for Himeko and I to head off for dinner!
As we were both so tired, we decided to have dinner at Shokudo Pasta which is just within Cineleisure itself!

Aki didn't join us for dinner as she had to go home after the event.
So sad~ ヽ(´□`。)ノ

Himeko's Curry Rosti

My Salmon Ikura Pasta

As we were just tooooo tired to change another location for a drink or something (with also the consideration of the things we have to carry), we decided to stay at Shokudo Pasta for desserts!



Was super tired by the time I got home but I just have to camwhore a little bit more.

Heehee~ Not letting the makeup go to waste, ya?

Oki! That's all for this post!

Once again, Thank you all of you who came to support that day!
And really, having able to meet all of you is really really awesome!

I'm actually planning a personal meetup session with all of you, soon!

Any suggestions?

Or like the previous meet up session of having tea and makeup teaching is also fine.

Let me know, ok?

See you soon!

XOXO Tsuriki

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