Friday, 16 November 2012

Anime Festival Asia 2012

Japanese Subcultural Event


Last weekend was AFA once again! And boy it's already the fifth year this year!
So glad so see soo many, more and more people liking anime and Japan subculture in Singapore!

Since it was Anime Festival, I decided to go back to the more anime-like, cute style of makeup that day!

So how's my skills? Still not bad huh?

Makeup of the day:
Upper Lash - Decorative LashPlay Sexy #1
Lower Lash - Melliesh #5 (Cut into half)

Wore my kuma knit hat out that day, too!

No! It's not neko-mimi (cat ears)! It's kuma-mimi (bear ears)!

Met Y-san to get my crew pass!
*Not gonna blog his name full, so he shall be Y-san*

Woohoo!!! Feel so special!!! LOL

At Horipro booth, just in time for voice actor Daisuke Kishio's interview!
Look! That's Misa-san interviewing Daisuke Kishio!

If you're a fan of animes like FairyTale, Vampie Knight, Kamisama Kiss, you should not be a stranger to Daisuke Kishio's voice!

There's more. I'm just naming a few only.

Bumped into Noelle who was working as one of the girls for Canon over the weekend

Rurouni Kenshin segment

Oh boy I just can't wait to catch this movie!

Sadly I couldn't make it to AFA on Saturday if not I would be able to watch the Special Showcase of the movie! Urgh~

The costumes

Life-sized Sato Takeru!!!
*Fan girl scream!!!*

Gosh do I like him lots!!!

Ok. Was not able to take a fan-girl photo with the life-sized board cos I was all alone at that point of time.

Concert during the day.

Stay for a just a little while before Y-san brought me and Angel around.

After a karaoke session at the Anime KARAOKE MA' booth, Angel and I headed back to Horipro's Booth for Sea*A's appearance!

The only decent photo taken cos the rest just had many other people's hands in them.

Next, we headed for Marble Collection's Fashion Show!

Ok. No photography was allowed so I shall only post ONE photo.

Posting this photo mainly because Hikaru, a model from PopTeen!

I apologise for the blurred photo taken with my lousy camera.
See! I need to get another new camera!

*LOL. Excuses*

Bumped into Kiyomi Lim and Pei Ting during the fashion show, too!

Sorry for another blurr photo with Pei Ting as there wasn't much lighting and I was not walking the same direction with Pei Ting so no choice but to take photo in the event hall itself.

Back to the main even hall, I saw PIKACHU!!!

Why you walk so fast?! Me wanna take photo!!!

Last stop before heading to Anisong concert, Moe Moe Kyun Maid Cafe!!!

Ordered only 2 cakes to share. LOL

And yes! They taste SUPER yummy!
I love Green Pumpkin Bakery!!!

And yea! That's us at the MMK Cafe!

Me, Lue Song, Angel and Michelle!

❤ Thank you Jim for the treat!!! ❤

My xiao di Lue Song!

Thanks for coming AFA to supposingly accompany me!

Oh ya! Once again! I wanna make this clear.

NO! Lue Song is NOT my boyfriend!

People can't help but to think that we are GF and BF.
Well, NO! He's not!

With my Indonesian friend, Angel!

Noelle and Angel

With Noelle, the ever-funny girl!

It sure was great getting to know her!

Just us being silly

With Michelle

Us girls who got to know each other from an audition

And last the end the day off, Anisong concert with Angel and Michelle!

Super awesome day at AFA12!

Huge huge huge thanks to Y-san for the pass!
Super duper awesome!!!

Ending off with a group photo with all my friends this AFA12!

XOXO Tsuriki

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